"Get Ur Freak On" freeze issue?!

So, we can't get Missy Elliot's song "Get Ur Freak On" to complete. We finish the song and nothing happens at the end. I pause, restart the game. Nothing happens. Does anyone have any issues like this or another? We are playing on Xbox One. :(


  • YES! I don't understand it either. I've played thru it. I played thru and unlock the goal and stop. It still won't "complete" I went and did every other song and now back and stuck on this song and game progress :(
  • I spoke to xbox and disney interactive they said to watch for an update they are working on the issue... but it still sux since this is the last song i need to complete the story... :'( oh wells on to Shadows of Mordor and Diablo III
  • I have also been having this problem on Xbox one. When this song ends nothing happens and I cant find a fix. Still waiting an update to fix this.....
  • Just seen this issue is also discussed here: forums.harmonixmusic.com/discussion/256955/the-plant-bug-missy-elliot-song-not-completing Looks like you need to set the audio sync calibration to 40 for this song. I will give it a try later and see if it works.
  • Yes I changed my sync calibration from 60 to 40 and now the song completes.
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