Updating Song List Hangs


I've had an issue that seemed to crop up as I purchased more songs for Dance Central: Spotlight:

When I get to the select a song page the "Updating Song List" prompt takes a good 30-60 seconds to load. This makes swapping between songs an absolute chore. My internet is quick fast (25/10 down/up) and I don't have this issue with any other games or online services. Any suggestions?



  • Also my number one gripe. Number two would be having to stand in front of kinect to buy a song.
  • Do you think that's by design? I figured it was a wonky issue on my end.

    For the time begin I've just been playing the exercise mode that I don't have to go back to that menu over and over again :(
  • This is a big issue with spotlight, it take 60 seconds between songs, is there any update coming or are they done supporting this title?
  • For me, the initial boot of the game is where it hangs, it'll stay on the Updating screen for literally around 7-10 minutes, but after that the game is fine, no hanging. Just.. if I wanna play it at a party I gotta let it warm up or risk the room dying!
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