Unable reach goal: "Discover Mix"

I'm stuck trying to unlock the goal "Discover Mix" after scoring 75,000 points (Lorde - Royals). I have no problem getting multipliers going, but after trying the song five times (getting over 400,000 points each time) I just can't get the gesture right to unlock the mix. I push in, and then sweep down left. Nothing. I've tried as many variations of the gesture as I can think of. I cannot progress further in the game now. :-(

Grateful for any help or suggestion. Can this be a bug?


  • I finally managed to get past this. For some reason I had to use my left hand. This was the only time I had problems, afterwards I have no problems to select other mixes.
  • @Christianhedin: That's a fairly common thing. If you want to switch downwards out of the default mix, you'll need to use the hand that's the same side as the mix. E.g., pink ought to be selected with the left hand, and green with the right.
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