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Check the thread for sales....

BravoGangUS from the Reddit community put a video together for those who didn't watch the stream: - Filters coming to all users, not just Rivals buyers.

Jul 19 2016 - Rock Band Rivals Details

Rock Band Rivals — Coming October 2016
  • First playable rock documentary
  • Hilarious, lots of live video and narration, some of which is reactive to how your band performs
  • A bunch of new venues
  • New gameplay challenges (Earn fame, a new currency within Rockudrama!)
Rivals Mode
  • Join a Crew with up to 10 people to compete in ongoing challenges
  • Asynchronous online weekly challenges and leaderboards (Xbox Gold and PS+ not required)
  • Skilled players contribute top scores, more casual players can still contribute to their Crews in other ways
  • More to come next month
New, sexy UI
  • Coming to all RB4 players
Music Library Enhancements
  • Announced at PAX East
  • Also coming to all RB4 players
  • Rating options of 1-5
  • New sorting/filtering options
Hardware Bundles
  • Contain RB4 disc and a download code for RB-Rivals. Download code will work with any version of RB4 Disc.
Achievements and Trophies
  • Rivals has its own goals, details to come.

"But, wait" you exclaim, "where is online play?" Well, that is scheduled for December for anyone who has or will purchase Rivals. RB4 alone will not allow you to get online play, you must purchase rivals to be able to download the December update with online play.

More info from http://www.rockbandaide.com/22236/rock-band-rivals-details-modes-songs-koolness/

Rockudrama with the awesome Kool Terry

Rivals itself will NOT have songs. The only way to get songs with Rivals is if you get the pre-order Rivals.

Non-song preorder bonuses:

Buying Rivals in standalone disc/digital gets you a shirt with HAMBURGERS on it. People who buy the $30 digital version(already owning a previous disc) will also get a Sword Guitar. That should help add some non-standard options to your wardrobe.

Pre-order the Fender Jaguar guitar bundle from GameStop and get an exclusive, smooth Charcoal Gray Fender Jaguar guitar controller instead of the normal ultra-marine blue.

A stand alone RED guitar is being make available on Amazon.com

All guitar bundles get a mail-in offer for a free mic (Limited time offer, while supplies last, etc.)

Mics have been updated by PDP

Drums look the same, but the pads/brain/kick pedal all have updated internals - HMXJosh

Ion/Midi Pro Adapter
The new adapter is NOT going to support legacy wired guitars or RB1 Drums, just the Ions and the Midi-Pro Adapter - HMXJosh on Reddit Also, according to the PDP webpage, it supports the Stage Kit: http://pdp.com/en/rock-bandtm-wired-legacy-adapter - REMOVED from description. - According to HMXJosh, that is because it is not supported in the RB4 software, yet. "AMA. The wired adapter allows the Stage Kit to talk to the Xbox One. It still needs to be supported on the software side. That said, we WILL be supporting it on the software side, we're just not entirely sure when (Unlikely to be Rivals launch, but we will add it into a later patch/update). Also, to those who have asked, you will need one Wired Legacy Adapter for each USB peripheral you want to use. In other words, if you want to use your Ions and a Stage kit, you'll need two adapters."

Legacy Adapter
PDP is not making a new Legacy Adapter - the Mad Catz one is still available and will continued to be supported by the game. There is no word of a Sept 6 cut-off date on the Legacy Adapter, but Hardware is different than bundles that include software... Better be safe than sorry since they are only about $15 now - HMXJosh


Jul 12 2016 - Jaguars can activate Overdrive via D-pad


The dev team has done some code magic, and left on the D-Pad will activate Overdrive when the Rivals patch hits in the fall!

the Jaguar doesn't have a 5-way switch [so you can't switch between guitar effects]

There are no accessory ports on this guitar. To activate Overdrive you can either tilt or hit left on the D-Pad [no "stomp box" for overdrive activation]

June 14 2016 - Rivals Mode and PDP Hardware, re-release

MORE INFO and Discuss here: http://forums.harmonixmusic.com/discussion/263868/rock-band-rivals-announced-plus-fender-jaguar-guitar-controller-revealed

Today, we’re thrilled to announce Rock Band™ Rivals, a new expansion pack for Rock Band 4 that will be available this fall. - $29.99 but no details

a smooth, ultra-marine blue Fender® Jaguar Guitar Controller from PDP.

...The Fender Jaguar Guitar Controller comes with all the basics you’d expect: upper frets for classic gameplay, and solo frets for the daring shredders out there. It’s got a highly sensitive tilt sensor for perfect Overdrive deployment, and an improved strum bar for increased precision at high speeds. The auto-calibration light sensor allows less ambient light than previous guitars, which means auto-calibrating is more accurate and will get you playing faster. Aside from all of the classic features this new guitar will come with, it’s got one that really seals the deal: it’s foldable. That’s right, you read that correctly. Our newest Rock Band peripheral is a foldable guitar.

...more Rock Band peripheral accessories on the way this year as well. In addition to the sleek new Fender Jaguar Guitar Controller, PDP is in the process of creating the Rock Band™ Fender® Jaguar Guitar Charger: a charging dock designed exclusively for the Fender Jaguar Guitar Controller that includes a rechargeable battery back

...Officially licensed by Microsoft, the Rock Band™ 4 Wired Legacy Adapter for Xbox One is exclusively compatible with Rock Band 4 and these specific legacy controllers:
Rock Band 3 Midi PRO-Adapter for Xbox 360
ION Drum Rocker for Xbox 360

Hardware Bundles:
* Rock Band™ Rivals Wireless Jaguar Bundle - Rock Band 4 software, Rock Band Rivals expansion, Fender Jaguar guitar controller - $89.99 USD.
* Rock Band™ Rivals Band Kit - Rock Band 4 software, Rock Band Rivals expansion pack, one Fender Jaguar guitar controller, and one Rock Band 4 drum kit - $199.99 USD
* Rock Band™ 4 Wired Legacy Adapter for Xbox One will be available for purchase separate

* Stand Alone Guitar will be $69.99... per HMX in discussion thread.

* Digital - Rock Band Rivals expansion pack - $29.99 USD.


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    June 3 - Fender Deal...


    The new deal between Harmonix and Fender will run for the next decade; it is scheduled to end in 2027.

    Apr 24 - Roadmap for rest of 2016...

    Details here: http://www.harmonixmusic.com/blog/online-ions-and-more-a-pax-east-panel-recap/

    Online multiplayer will be available shortly after [the fall update] for everyone who has the expansion.

    So, to be clear, after the Paid Expansion is released, users without the expansion will only receive "bug fixes" and will not get updated features. That includes the "free" online multiplayer feature. The last "free" expansion to all RB4 users will be the "Music Library Enhancements". After that, only users with the Expansion will receive the feature updates.


    "We're not planning anything competitive right now. What'll launch by the end of the year will be cooperative band play only." -HMXJosh reddit

    Reminders, The Beatles will never export:

    Guys, I'm going to be honest: I would pay serious $$ to export the disc, too. I don't think I need to go into much detail to tell you that The Beatles music copyrights are just a little insane (in a legal way), and there's no way that this can happen. The support response is that the game is a standalone title, and will therefore never export into any other Rock Band game. If there's a will, there's a way. But that will needs to come with serious contract negotiations and way more than $100 per export. I am also unfamiliar with how our music agreements went down at the time that TB:RB was developed, but I highly doubt any of it is negotiable at this time, either.

    I'm sorry to rain on your parade, but we're all in the same boat here. ;_;

    KEYS are NEVER coming back to RB4:

    Pro-Guitar is also never coming back.

    Score Duel?
    Local, This will likely not happen. Rock Band was always meant to be a band experience, so we have no plans to add double guitar // bass at this time.

    Why do guests have to create a login to play? For Xbox One you can log in without creating an account. For PS4 we implemented the account system exactly as we were required to by Sony.

    Why no Wii
    official Press release March 5 - Due to shifting production priorities and capabilities of the studio, we don't currently have plans to release RB4 on the Wii / Wii U / PC simultaneously with Xbox One and PS4. The Wii U is a really hard call for us, but from our initial research the audience is not there

    Future Releases

    There will be no more ongoing sequels, no yearly releases. The arms race is dead. Rock Band 4 will launch Rock Band as a platform, and Rigopulos told us to expect continual updates, some of which will be paid, and some of which will be free.

    We think that there’s an opportunity this time around, given the technology to interact directly with our audience and also to react to the feedback that we get directly from our audience to sort of expand upon a core game of Rock Band 4. So Rock Band 4 will expand through title updates, through content updates, over the long span. We view Rock Band 4 as the Rock Band for this console generation, and it will continually evolve through a dialogue with our community.

    "We can do a lot of things that will sustain Rock Band 4 over five to seven years," said Sussman.

    I want to go on record now and say if you invest in Rock Band 4 as a platform, features will be added over time and you won't be left high and dry.

    Legacy Accessories in RB4

    Stage Kit: “The old, somewhat-obscure Rock Band Stage Kit will be compatible with Rock Band 4...probably. “It’s this crazy bit of passion play on the art development team…” - But, not at launch.

    On-line Play

    No On-line Play at Launch

    Sussman: We're still working through those details, but that sort of asynchronous multiplayer set-up is very compelling, and we know that people do want it, but it's very expensive. We're weighing that feature up against some of the other stuff that we're doing. One of the interesting things about our strategy here is that, just because some feature isn't there at launch, doesn't mean it won't be later on. We're going to respond to people telling us what they want. When players wish they could do things that they can't, we're going to be a virtual phone call away.


    Rigopulos answers candidly. “Rocksmith is serving the audience that wants actual guitar instrumental instruction very well. I also think that in retrospect, Rock Band had become very sprawling. It was trying to be everything to everyone in a way that was somewhat defocusing. - IGN Mar 6

    Kinect / PSeye

    Neither the Kinect or the PSeye are supported.

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    Campaign – “Go On Tour”

    Shows are core to the Rock Band 4 Campaign, which involves an interesting branching narrative similar to an RPG. – IGN May 12


    You’ll start out as a small hometown act. We’ll have you play a few shows with your bandmates before throwing you into the story. You’ll work with your bandmates to build up your Career and figure out exactly what kind of band you are.

    Will you follow the money? Trust your gut? Listen to your dumb drummer Chaz (who invited that guy, anyway?). You’ll encounter unusual characters and circumstances – all drawn from the actual real life experiences of the touring musicians who work here. (And seriously, some of this stuff was so weird in real-life we actually had to tone it down for the game).

    You’ll experience the ins and outs of making decisions with your band, playing shows, weighing whether to sell out or get by, and creating a name and identity for yourself. You’ll even encounter some not so glamorous moments (hint: we love fart jokes here), but we worked hard at ensuring that you and your bandmates will laugh through those.

    While we wanted to deepen the fantasy of what it’s like to be in a band, at the end of the day our focus is always on making the player feel awesome. There are no wrong choices in our Career, no nasty crowds, and no cheap shots. While our games may sometimes be snarky, we’re never going to build in features that purposefully make you feel bad about yourself.

    Each choice that you and your band make impacts your story and the types of shows that you encounter. Some paths will lead to more freedom (voting and pick your own setlists), while others will trade in setlist restrictions in favor of big payouts. Certain story lines will bring fame and riches, some will bring adventures on the road and close calls, while other choices will reward your band with gear, clothing, and customization options.

    In the beginning your choices will feel pretty straightforward. Do you choose a manager (who promises boat loads of cash) or the freedom of the open road and a “new to you” van? Later on things will get… trickier. You might have to sacrifice your integrity, you might have to shave your heads, you might have to sleep on a floor or become part of an “installation.” You’ll have to make hard decisions like whether to continuously tolerate Chazz’s farts, sell out, or venture into a weird new world of internet promotion and digital distribution. At the end of the day will you be Totally Loaded? A Style Icon? Or an Indie Darling?

    Shows - formerly called "Gigs"

    “A [Show] is a new structure that we've put into Rock Band 4 to sort of capture the feeling of a live performance,” Lead Designer Chris Foster told IGN posted May 12
    Essentially, [Show] operate similar to older games’ Setlists, or Rock Band 3’s Challenges. “It’s a series of songs subdivided into a series of sets with set breaks,” said Foster.

    Choices appear between sets, drawn from your music library and the [Show's] theme/genre. Bandmates have a limited time to choose the song they all wish to play -- which could lead to interesting, awkward interactions with you band. Your guitarist may decide on a spectacular, fun song the vocalist doesn't know, or can’t sing to properly. An exhausted drummer can vote for something laid-back, while the rest of his bandmates troll her with a gnarly drum solo track.

    You can carry over your multipliers and Overdrive power between songs during [Shows], adding a small but interesting extra layer of strategy that can affect your band’s score. No word on if this affects Leaderboards.

    “It becomes a really interesting collaborative and competitive experience, as you’ll have people say what they want and what they absolutely don’t want,” Foster said. “It’s fun, because when you’re beat-matching, it’s tunnel vision; you’re focused on your instrument, you’re barely aware of other people if they’re falling out or if you can save them. But the moments between songs, we’re able to come up with these other game experiences, and they can be really fun.”

    Stage Presence

    Shows contain a new scoring mechanism called "Stage Presence"

    Stage presence is a score that is not based on beat match, but on the additional things that happen during a snow… Vocalist pumping up the crowd, Awesome drum fills, deploying overdrive together… A lot of things are being tracked for the “stage presence” score which acts as a fans multiplier. - IGN May 26, in video about Campaign Mode, but not in article.


    Game will focus on the core gameplay of Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals. No keyboard, no pro guitar [but pro drums will still be supported due to the way they are charted].

    New Hardware is coming! Being made by Mad Catz - http://madcatz.com/rock-band-is-back/ - New instruments will remain focused, no “pro” hardware, no carry cases, no additional peripherals at this point.

    Legacy Instruments

    Official Statement on IGN June 1, "Harmonix confirmed to IGN that the old instruments will carry over. Going from PS3 to PS4 will require nothing more than your ability to plug in the existing PS3 dongle, while going from Xbox 360 to Xbox One will require a special adapter Harmonix says will be "low-cost."" This does NOT include the wired controllers.

    Xbox One Adapter:

    Wired Xbox controllers cannot be used, and with a completely new wireless protocol being created for the Xbox One, they’ve had to work closely with Microsoft to develop a new Console Legacy Adapter completely from scratch. Codenamed Project Brangus during its creation, it features a proprietary Microsoft-specific chipset to allow old Xbox 360 controllers to connect to the new console through it. It adds a $20/£20 cost to the basic game on the Xbox One as a consequence, with the Brangus box bundled alongside the disc as a necessity, but Mad Catz’ Global PR Director Alex Verrey was adamant in saying that “Neither Mad Catz nor Harmonix are making any money on the Console Legacy Adapter.” The R&D costs have been absorbed, and that price is what it costs to make and distribute.

    “It was a really interesting technical challenge, it really was,” Richard said. “Like we said earlier, it did require a lot of work with Microsoft and their suppliers, to make sure we had the components needed just to make that actually work and happen. This kind of thing opens up the potential for other people to be doing things that Microsoft don’t want them to, so we’ve had to work very closely with them to make sure that can’t happen. It’s basically a device that will only work with those instruments.”

    Controller Legacy Chart:

    Special designed Instruments

    According to the Official FAQ: The white and red Rock Band 4 instruments will not be available for pre-order. These instruments were manufactured as prototypes used for demoes and marketing purposes, and we have no plans to release them into retail at this time."


    The controllers have upgradeable firmware, for one thing – albeit not through the console itself, but through a PC or potentially a smartphone

    All controllers now use two batteries, instead of three, and will last around 30 hours

    RB 4 PS4 controllers are bluetooth, no dongle required.

    Legacy RB3 controllers will reuse the PS3 dongle and a new XBOX Dongle will be released for Legacy 360 controllers.

    No wired controller (except the mics) will work at this time. This includes RB1 controllers, ION Drums, or any E-drum kit. Harmonix knows there is a demand and it is being looked at, but may not happen at launch.
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    Harmonix hopes that Rock Band 4 will be the best karaoke game ever made. Not only will the vocal harmonies return, but a dedicated group of the Rock Band fan community have gone back and authored harmonies for every previous song and handed it over to Harmonix.

    Freeform melodies. “For hard and expert players, there was this premium on just hitting that exact pitch that was authored into the songs,” LoPiccolo said. “And what we discovered was that a lot of really good singers were constrained by that; they couldn’t have the kind of fun – the expressive fun – that they wanted to have as singers. So, we’ve added a feature now where as long as you’re singing in tune, you can kind of color outside the lines. You don’t have to stick with the prescribed part; you can make up your own harmonies on the fly, and as long as you sing them in tune, the game will give you credit for it. It’s a little bit hard to describe, but to actually do it, it’s incredibly liberating and fun. It’s a whole new way for singers to be creative with Rock Band.”

    One other clever touch on this feature: as you sing your custom vocal performance, your score multiplier meter fills up both clockwise (traditional scoring) and counterclockwise (Improvisation scoring). Thus, you’re able to mix and match singing by the numbers and going off-script, while still contributing to your maximum reward either way.

    “The thing I’m actually really excited about is for people to encounter this feature and maybe learn about ‘oh, okay, well I hear the relationship between the chord of the guitar and the keyboardist is playing them in the song, and now that relates to how a vocal melody is written,’” said Plante. “Just because that’s how they sing it in the song doesn’t mean that’s the only melody that would fit that chord progression in the song. You could make something up that’s totally different.”

    During “Shows” the Vocalist will be able to perform a sort of stage patter “…it’s sort of like adding some LARPing to your Rock Band experience,” Foster said. “You’re sort of role-playing a different event that is sort of happening offstage, or got you to the show in the first place inside the campaign, we’re using them to deliver the narrative experience.” – IGN May 12 - As show in the live stream reveal, the stage patter is scripted [IGN May 15], but on May 19 IGN noted that the vocalist does not have to say what is on the screen, but saying nothing will leave the audience disappointed.

    From IGN May 5 - Microphone has increased gain so you can sing quieter and still register. Raised threshold so you can sing louder without negative feedback. It will sample at 48 kHz, about 4,000 Hz more than the industry standard 44.1 kHz that you find on most compact discs according to TechRadar

    15' cord

    From IGN May 5 - Wood-grain look on neck of guitar gone in prototype.

    "Add your personal signature to every performance through groundbreaking features such as Freestyle Guitar Solos that allow players to create their own legendary solos.” Guitarists can bust out unique guitar solos of their own with the game’s new Freestyle Guitar Solos, no lessons or music expertise needed. Accessible and fun right out of the gate, Freestyle Guitar Solo gameplay features remarkable depth, allowing expert players to string together face-melting licks and truly original legendary solos.

    Your solos will always be in key; you're scored based on how well you followed the game's suggestions. We didn't really follow the suggestions and were told by the game that our solo was "messy". Ha. We just didn't care about the score and rocked out (admittedly, we found the colours and patterns confusing to grasp at first). If you want the more traditional gameplay, you can always disable freestyle.

    FREESTYLE is changeable on the fly (like how changing difficulty is), so you could play three solos, two in the song freestyle and then change it with the D-Pad and play the third as it was written.

    There will be a separate mode where Freestyle Guitar will be available over the entire length of the song and not just during the solo portion. - July 7 '15

    From IGN May 5 - More robust tilt (Tilt Overdrive now using digital sensor that will not get stuck), Buttons feel better with lesser “throw” along with a quieter mash, strum bar stiffer with a better “bounce back”. Rock Band 4 is looking to improve implementation of “high frets” and “five button switch”.

    From Techradar May 30 - Better firmness and rigidity rival past GH’s prime, "That's because there's more plastic around the body and bridge," said Dalin Cienfuegos, Regional Marketing Manager at Mad Catz, "Inside the body [of the guitar] we've doubled the amount of plastic 'ribbing' so this has more plastic in there holding this together". The guitar will look and feel more like the Guitar Hero 2 controller [the author has] been using for the last eight years, with reinforced plastic to make it more durable, too.
    wwwes said:

    Holy mother of pearl.... this guy makes the freestyle solos seem like the most epic thing ever:

    From IGN May 5th - “Battle tested” for long term use. Used Beatle Drums as base for new drums. Upgraded rubber on drum heads along with the better feel and bounce.

    The pads are better and less likely to dimple.

    … Cymbals are being developed, again with upgraded “feel”
    ... Old cymbal upgrade had a laggy analog to digital converter, not interprets analog natively and reduces lag

    Cannot buy new RB4 cymbal kit and have them work on older drum kits, but can use old cymbals on RB4 drums..

    At beginning of song, drummer will “count in” by tapping on the green tom. “It’s a little thing, but it adds a sense of band camaraderie and leadership”

    Drums expression, own fills hurt because of tv latency. Taken real drum fills that replace the overdrive player fills that ended in green note. “Harmonix says it found most Rock Band players to be thrown off by the old system’s completely free-form fill sections, used to trigger Overdrive, and have responded in Rock Band 4 by authoring a massive suite of fun, realistic drum fills that the game will randomly throw at you, based on the song’s genre and difficulty… Every fill that you play is completely in time and sounds great. They are all authored, but you have the real experience drummers have of having to be random every time through the song.” - new drum fill feature is backwards compatible. “The new drum fill feature will work in all songs going forward and in all the legacy DLC,” he said. “It basically drops into every Rock Band song that we have ever authored.”

    According to this tweet, the old legacy fills will be available as an option instead of using the new fills: http://tinyurl.com/Thanks-jman4371

    ION Drum Kit

    Working on ION drum kit compatibility, but no news yet. MadCatz said on June 9, they are not going to be supported at Launch.

    Harmonix had been heard to say that the ION is a hardware issue and if it is important to you, contact MadCatz: http://forums.harmonixmusic.com/discussion/258536/madcatz-mpa2-how-do-we-get-the-word-out-that-we-want-it/p1

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    VR coming in 2016

    DragonForce helps Rock Band go VR:

    It will be exclusive to Oculus

    Oculus VR’s founder Palmer Luckey said, "“There is a reason Rock Band is a billion dollar franchise! It has very wide appeal – being a rock star is one of the few universal fantasies, and virtual reality turns this genre from being a fun karaoke style activity to really delivering on that fantasy. I have never been more than a casual plastic instrument player, but this is one of my favourite games in development for a reason – I always think of it when I say that I can’t talk about some of my favourite games in public interviews. Keep in mind that VR concerts can do things that are a little too crazy for real concerts…” - http://vrfocus.com/archives/26261/luckey-rock-band-vr-is-one-of-my-favourite-games-in-development/


    In celebration, look for the free song “I Still Believe” by Frank Turner, on the PS3 and 360.

    Max song limit in RB3 gone in RB4, the “max” was due to a memory allocation issue with the previous generations programing. That is not an issue with current generation systems.
    • Soundtrack will be 60+ songs
    • 1500+ songs to play: DLC, Track Packs, and Exports into RB3 will be playable in RB4.
    • These songs will only move to same manufacture’s system (PS3-PS4, 360-XBO)
    • RBN songs will be worked on after launch, but some may not make it to RB4
    • RB3 disc songs will not export to RB4 (at this time)
    • Beatles Rock Band songs will not export to RB4
    • The song rating system from RB3 will not happen at launch [can't hide songs].

    Anything you downloaded and bought, including disc exports and soundtracks are going to work in RB4.

    Can we hide soundtrack songs we don't like? We don't currently have implemented the lighter ratings from RB3. Right now (at least) there's no way to rate your songs.

    The March 5 estimate is that 95% of Rock Band’s Library will eventually make it to RB4

    Harmonix is working through the core catalog of Rock Band DLC first, but plans to convert RBN songs as well. RBN songs will be converted after all of the core catalog has been finished. ~ Rumor - Worthplaying Mar 5

    In regards to The Beatles: Rock Band not being in RB4 - “We are still in touch with Apple Corp.,” says Rigopulos. “There’s no specific plan. All I’ll say about that is, that project remains one of the dearest projects in our entire history, and so I’d love to find a way to return to that at the right point in time.” - - Wired Mar 5

    Switching Systems or New to Rock Band

    Export is based, at this time, on system (360-ONE, PS3-PS4, cross system is not supported, but Harmonix will see what they can do, just don't expect it to happen)

    Rock Band – No longer exportable, license expired.

    Rock Band 2 – No longer exportable, license expired.

    Rock Band 2 bonus tracksNo longer available in the store

    LEGO: Rock Band – No longer exportable, license expired.

    TRACK PACKS – The new game included a download code, if you get a new copy that has not already had the code used, you should be able to use the code to get the license which will allow RB4 know you owned this.

    Rock Band: Blitz – The soundtrack was downloaded separately, thus you should have the license in your history. If not, buy it now to get those songs.

    Beatles: Rock Band - Not available for export

    Rock Band 3 - Export now available.

    Green Day: Rock Band - The export license has expired, but the songs are available as DLC.

    DLC that is no longer available for purchase: HMX said that even if you can’t currently buy a song in the store, if you purchased it before it was removed from the store you will still be able to get it in RB4.

    DLC still available in store: As long as you buy the license, you are fine, even if you never download the song to your last gen system, it is all about your purchase history. You can buy it right now so your license shows up in the purchase history before Rock Band 4 is released.

    NOTE about DLC: This is for officially licensed DLC, not necessary songs from the Rock Band Network. Also, not all DLC songs will be available at launch.

    Rock Band Network in RB4

    Rock Band Network (RBN) was based on the now defunct Microsoft XNA programing on Xbox Arcade, which was dropped for the XBO. At this time, it is unknown if RBN will return since there is no default programing suite from Microsoft that can be used for the service. – from IGN Livestream May 15

    RBN songs that have already been charted are expected to be re-released for RB4 at some point. No mention on if all of the RBN songs not currently released for the PlayStation will be released for RB4 as progress is made to bring these songs to the new platform.

    RBN songs are tough to get ready for RB4: “It’s pretty much who to contact. Relicensing our DLC is fine, we had to anyway, and we can specify new consoles. RBN is a little harder. A lot of that stuff is the most random… Who do we need to talk to to move that? No idea. Some of it would be relatively easy, like just going to Subpop and asking, but there’s a lot of content there that isn’t on a label or doesn’t have a known owner.”
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    Disc will have 60-70 songs, officially "over 60" has been stated several times.

    Full Setlist below - 63 songs with 14 future new DLC via Amazon Exclusives and PlaystationPlus for pre-order bonuses.

    .38 Special – “Caught Up In You”
    4 Non Blondes – What’s Up?
    Aerosmith - "Toys in the Attic"
    Arctic Monkeys – “Arabella”
    Avenged Sevenfold – "Hail to the King"
    Benjamin Booker – “Violent Shiver”
    The Black Keys – “Fever”
    The Both – “Milwaukee”
    Brad Paisley Ft Keith Urban - "Start a Band"
    Brandi Carlisle - "Mainstream Kid"
    Cake – “Short Skirt/Long Jacket”
    Dark Wheels - "V-Bomb"
    Disturbed – “Prayer”
    Dream Theater - "Metropolis Part 1 The Miracle and the Sleeper"
    Duck & Cover – “Knock Em Down”
    The Cure - "Friday I'm in Love"
    Eddie Japan – “Albert”
    Elvis Presley – “Suspicious Minds”
    Fall Out Boy – “Centuries”
    Fleetwood Mac – "You Make Loving Fun"
    Foo Fighters - "The Feast and the Famine"
    Gary Clark Jr - "Ain't Messin' 'Round"
    Gin Blossoms - "Follow You Down"
    Grouplove - "Tongue Tied"
    Halestorm – “I Miss The Misery”
    Heart – “Kick It Out”
    Heaven’s Basement – “I Am Electric”
    Imagine Dragons - "I Bet My Life"
    Jack White – "Lazaretto"
    Jeff Allen - "Recession"
    Johnny Blazes and the Pretty Boys - "Cold Clear Light"
    Judas Priest - "Halls of Valhalla"
    The Killers – "Somebody Told Me"
    Lightning Bolt – “Dream Genie”
    Little Big Town – “Little White Church”
    Live - "All Over You"
    Lucius – “Turn It Around”
    Lynyrd Skynyrd - "That Smell"
    Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars – “Uptown Funk”
    The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – “The Impression That I Get”
    Mumford and Sons - "The Wolf"
    The Outfield - "Your Love"
    Ozzy Osborne - "Miracle Man"
    Paramore - "Still Into You"
    The Protomen – “Light Up The Night”
    Queens of the Stone Age – “My God Is The Sun”
    R.E.M. - "The One I Love"
    Rick Derringer – “Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo”
    Rush – “A Passage To Bangkok”
    Scandal – “The Warrior”
    Scorpions – “No One Like You”
    Slydigs – “Light The Fuse”
    Soul Remnants – “Dead Black (Heart of Ice)”
    Soundgarden – “Superunknown”
    Spin Doctors – "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong"
    St Vincent - "Birth in Reverse"
    System of a Down – “Spiders”
    Tijuana Sweetheart – “Pistol Whipped”
    Van Halen - Panama - from EW.com with future DLC on the way
    Van Morrison - "Brown Eyed Girl"
    The Warning - "Free Falling"
    White Denim – “At Night In Dreams”
    The Who – "The Seeker"

    U2 on disc

    According to USA Today, the following songs will be on the disc with additional DLC to come out later:

    U2 - "I Will Follow"
    U2 - "Ceaderwood Road"

    Xbox One Pre-order DLC bonus
    Songs will be available as DLC for everyone at a later date:

    All That Remains – What If I Was Nothing
    BABYMETAL – Gimme Chocolate!!
    Earth, Wind & Fire – September
    Interpol – All the Rage Back Home
    Jefferson Starship – Jane
    Linkin Park – Rebellion (ft. Daron Malakian)
    Marilyn Manson – The Mephistopheles of Los Angeles
    Mastodon – High Road
    My Morning Jacket – One Big Holiday
    Pierce the Veil ft. Kellin Quinn – King for a Day
    “Weird Al” Yankovic – My Own Eyes
    The Wild Feathers – Backwoods Company

    Digital PS4 Preorder bonus for PS Plus Members

    According to this press release Pre-order via Sony's PlayStation Network and PlayStation Plus members will receive 10 EXCLUSIVE songs to play in Rock Band 4, as well as an immediately downloadable Rock Band 4 theme. FAQ states the songs will be DLC later, but the theme is for PS Plus members only.

    All That Remains – “Divide”
    Blitz Kids – “Run For Cover”
    Bring Me The Horizon – “Throne”
    Dead Sara – “Mona Lisa”
    Duran Duran – “The Reflex”
    Janis Joplin – “Move Over”
    Of Mice & Men – “Would You Still Be There”
    Oh Honey – “Sugar, You”
    Pantera – “Cowboys From Hell (Live from Monsters In Moscow Festival)”
    Seasick Steve – “Summertime Boy”

    Four Exclusive Songs for Amazon.com pre-order
    Alabama Shakes “Don't Wanna Fight”
    Breaking Benjamin “Failure”
    Death From Above 1979 “Trainwreck 1979”
    The Pretty Reckless “Follow Me Down.”

    Pre-order 30 Song Bonus (all retailers that order one of the bundles)
    All but one of these songs has been released to RB. Note at end is where song was originally from.
    NOTE: Just to make sure the title is understood, bonus content is for bundles, not for the disc only and disc/legacy adapter.

    Anarchy Club “Blood Doll”- RB1 Track
    Anarchy Club “Get Clean”- RB2 20-Pack
    Bang Camaro “Pleasure (Pleasure)”- RB1 Track
    Bang Camaro “Push Push (Lady Lightning)”- *RBN1.0 (PS3 and 360)
    Bang Camaro II “Night Lies”- RB2 20-Pack
    Blanks. “Lodger”- RBN1.0 (360 only)
    Breaking Wheel “Shoulder to the Plow”- RB2 20-Pack
    Count Zero “Shake”- Legacy DLC
    Death of the Cool “Can’t Let Go”- RB1
    DnA’s Evolution “The Heist”- RBN1.0 (360 only)
    Father Octopus “Blink”- RBN1.0 (360 only)
    Freezepop “Brainpower”- RB1
    Freezepop “Get Ready 2 Rokk”- Legacy DLC
    Freezepop “Less Talk More Rokk”- Legacy DLC
    Freezepop “Super-Sprøde”- Legacy DLC
    Giant Target “Signs”- RBN1.0 (360 only)
    Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives “Entangled”- Legacy DLC
    Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives “I Get By”- RB1
    Megasus “Megasus”- Legacy DLC
    Speck “Conventional Lover”- RB2 20-Pack
    Symbion Project “Synthesized (Inside Your Mind Mix)” - NEW?????
    That Handsome Devil “Rob the Prez-O-Dent”- RB2 20-Pack
    The Acro-brats “Day Late Dollar Short”- RB1
    The Main Drag “A Jagged Gorgeous Winter”- RB2 20-Pack
    The Main Drag “Don’t Let Me Down (Slowly)”- *RBN1.0 (PS3 and 360)
    The Main Drag “What’s Your Favorite Dinosaur?”- *RBN1.0 (PS3 and 360)
    Tijuana Sweetheart “No Mercy”- RBN1.0 (360 only)
    Tijuana Sweetheart “Seven”- RB1(As Vaginat)
    Tijuana Sweetheart “Trash Candy”- RBN1.0 (360 only)
    Tribe “Outside”- RB1

    Thanks to @MAXIMUSDM for the "Where its from" information on the above songs.

    As for Avenged Sevenfold, they are one of the most requested and most played bands in the RB library. We've had over half a million song requests via rockband.com/request since March (which is bonkers), and "Hail to the King" has always been in the Top 25 most requested songs. We're listening to those requests, so keep plugging your suggestions in! - Forum post by HMXHenry
  • SayburrSayburr The Always Informative Rock Band Forum Guru
    edited September 2015

    There are 50 achievements:

    Pre-concert Soundcheck:

    Tune Up (5) - Calibrate your audio/video setup for the optimal Rock Band 4 experience.
    Fast Learner (20) - Complete the Basic Guitar Solo tutorial.


    Well Played (25) - Earn Gold Stars on any song in Quickplay mode.
    Seeing Stars (15) - Earn 5 Stars on a song in Quickplay mode.
    Case in Points (25) - Earn more than 1,000,000 points in a single song in Quickplay mode.
    Settle the Score (30) - Earn more than 10,000,000 total points playing songs in Quickplay.
    Rock Band Fan (30) - Earn 5 Stars on Medium (or 3 Stars on Hard or Expert) - on any 30 Rock Band 4 songs in Quickplay.
    Rock Band Master (30) - Earn 5 Stars on every song in Rock Band 4 on Hard in Quickplay mode.
    Rock Band Immortal (40) - Earn 5 Stars on every song in Rock Band 4 on Expert in Quickplay mode.
    Living Room Legend (40) - Earn Gold Stars on any thirty Rock Band 4 songs in Quickplay mode.


    Ultimate Fantasy (40) - Gain at least 300,000 fans while on Tour across all bands.
    Clothes to the Edge (20) - Buy over $100,000 worth of items from the Rock Shop.
    Breaking Out (15) - Leave your hometown to go on tour in Career mode.
    Continental Drift (15) - Leave your home continent in Career mode.
    Tour of Booty (40) - Earn at least $150,000 while on Tour across all bands.
    No Bonus About It (30) - Play 12 different Bonus Sets in Career mode.
    Road Hard (40) - Play 50 different shows in Career mode.
    Local Favorite (20) - Earn enough fans in a city to unlock a Fan Showcase in Career mode.
    Popularity Contest (20) - Earn enough fans to unlock 8 Fan Showcases in Career mode.
    Embrace Your Destiny (25) - Complete an entire story in Career mode.
    Gifted and Talented (10) - Earn a custom guitar or clothing asset via Career mode.
    Yeah, We Know That One (10) - Nail a request in Career mode.
    Thank You, Good Night (10) - Nail an encore in Career mode.


    Duly Impressed (15) - Earn "Impressive" stage presence in a show.
    Legend of Stage and Screen (25) - Earn "Legendary" stage presence in a show.
    One More Song (15) - Play an encore in "Play a Show" mode.
    Leave Them Wanting More (25) - Earn Gold Stars on an encore.
    Golden Opportunity (25) - Earn Gold Stars on a request.
    Creative Differences5 (5) - Split a vote four ways.
    I Regret Nothing (5) - Fail out of a song that you voted for.
    I Told You I Hated This One (5) - As a Singer, fail out of a song that you voted against.
    It's All for the Fans (5) - Turn down 3 encores or requests in a row.
    Locked In (40) - Earn the "Full Streak" stage presence award in 5 consecutive songs.
    Set for Life (25) - Play a 5-set show in "Play a Show" mode.
    Stage Presents (15) - Earn 5 stage presence awards in a single song.


    Smooth Cooperators (25) - Achieve a Band Multiplier of 8x.


    Ol' Fancy Fingers McGranahan (15) - Complete a Freestyle Guitar Solo without ever breaking your streak.
    Don't Shred on Me (20) - Using only the solo buttons, hit 100% of the notes in a scripted guitar solo on Expert.
    All Tapped Out (5) - Play a Freestyle Guitar Solo composed of at least 80% tapping.
    Going Solo (30) - Hit at least 85% of the notes on all scripted guitar solos in Rock Band 4 on Hard or Expert.


    Off the Charts (10) - Earn a "Freestyle!" score for a vocal phrase.
    Pitch Session (15) - Earn a "Triple Awesome" rating on Vocal Harmonies.
    Give It a Rest (15) - As a Singer, use Overdrive at least 4 times in a single song.
    Serious Pipes (15) - Earn a rating of "Awesome" on at least 90% of the phrases in 6 songs on Hard Vocals.
    Wingin' It (15) - Earn three "Freestyle!" vocal phrase scores in a single song.


    Filling Out Nicely (10) - Play 10 new Dynamic Drum Fills perfectly.
    Just for Kicks (15) - Hit at least 90% of the Kick notes in a song on Hard or Expert Drums.


    In the Pocket (15) - Earn a 500-note streak on Bass.


    Overflowing Overdrive (30) - Remain in Overdrive for at least 60 seconds.
    Don't Even Need It (5) - Finish a song with a full Overdrive bar.

  • TheDescentTheDescent Road Warrior
    I'm wondering if all the rbn songs for ps3 will move to ps4 or they even included the xbox versions that didnt port over. That would be amazing even if it will take a whole year. I've waited for such a long time, few years wont change much...
  • KhiroKhiro Road Warrior
    Sayburr said:

    Rock Band 4 uses a new engine from previous releases

    Which release are they referring to here?
  • KrystofKrystof Road Warrior
    Khiro said:

    Sayburr said:

    Rock Band 4 uses a new engine from previous releases

    Which release are they referring to here?
    RB1, RB2, etc.

    New console, new architecture, new engine.
  • KhiroKhiro Road Warrior
    Krystof said:

    Khiro said:

    Sayburr said:

    Rock Band 4 uses a new engine from previous releases

    Which release are they referring to here?
    RB1, RB2, etc.

    New console, new architecture, new engine.
    Aha, I thought it said the new engine had been taken from a previous release. Didn't make much sense to me. So they're using a completely revamped engine, that's awesome and not less than I'd expect
  • V4VendettaV4Vendetta Road Warrior
    edited March 2015
    Will RB4 DLC be released for RB3?
  • KhiroKhiro Road Warrior

    Will RB4 DLC be released for RB3?

    We don't know yet. I think the main problem is that the games are for different consoles. DLC has not been carried across between consoles before. But they have been cross-game compatible as long as the games were on the same console brand.

    hus far it seems as if DLC will be associated with your user account, and since the user account is the same for PS3->PS4 and 360->XB1, then there is reason to believe that yes, songs that are released for RB4 will be available for RB3, and all the other Rockbands for that matter.

    But really there is no way to know, maybe they'll add some new functionality.
  • Will RB4 DLC be released for RB3?

    That would be great but... new engine, new gen of consoles...

    I would guess no.

    RB3 DLC sales for last gen dropped to the point of them ending DLC completely so I struggle to see them investing in reverse compatibility simply from a cost/profit standpoint.

    It would NOT be crazy to see a trickle of DLC for the last gen systems to get people thinking about going to RB4, just not full parity. It would be better marketing for RB4 to do this IMO.

    All that being said, those HMX people are capable of anything so anything is indeed possible.

  • I suspect there is probably too small of a market but I would love it if Harmonix brought the few songs from RBN 1.0 that are required to complete RB3 goals to the PS3
  • tnevakertnevaker Road Warrior
    yeah, i don't think the new DLC is going to make it to older consoles once RB4 is released. the new DLC will be in a new format that will only work for RB4. releasing it for DLC means HMX would have to devote extra resources to create that same DLC in RB3 format. considering releasing RB3 DLC wasn't even profitable enough for them continuing to release it when RB3 was the only RB in town, i doubt it's going to be any more economical for them to do so when a brand new RB is released. i would guess they're going to be devoting all available resources to RB4 to make it as successful as possible, which is what they should be doing.
  • z0oinksz0oinks Unsigned
    Sayburr said:

    At this time, “Rock Band 3” on disc songs will not make it into RB4 due to Licensing restrictions. But, Harmonix is working on that and if you want the songs to export, let Harmonix know.

    Please voice your input here!:

  • V4VendettaV4Vendetta Road Warrior
    Doc_SoCal said:

    Will RB4 DLC be released for RB3?

    That would be great but... new engine, new gen of consoles...

    I would guess no.

    RB3 DLC sales for last gen dropped to the point of them ending DLC completely so I struggle to see them investing in reverse compatibility simply from a cost/profit standpoint.

    The songs will ALWAYS be mid and mogg files. The only different between consoles and generations is the performance, how the GUI runs, and the power. The process for getting a song in the Wii and PS3 and a 360 would be the same. Compile those song files for the system.

    And the RB3 sale drop can also be contributed to the music they were releasing. It was like scraping the bottom of the barrel. RB3 online mode didn't help the shelf life either.
  • tnevakertnevaker Road Warrior
    something tells me there's gonna be a lot less people playing RB3 once RB4 comes out.
    just a hunch, i guess.
  • tnevaker said:

    something tells me there's gonna be a lot less people playing RB3 once RB4 comes out.
    just a hunch, i guess.

    That is a pretty safe guess.

  • Doc_SoCal said:

    Will RB4 DLC be released for RB3?

    That would be great but... new engine, new gen of consoles...

    I would guess no.

    RB3 DLC sales for last gen dropped to the point of them ending DLC completely so I struggle to see them investing in reverse compatibility simply from a cost/profit standpoint.

    The songs will ALWAYS be mid and mogg files. The only different between consoles and generations is the performance, how the GUI runs, and the power. The process for getting a song in the Wii and PS3 and a 360 would be the same. Compile those song files for the system.

    And the RB3 sale drop can also be contributed to the music they were releasing. It was like scraping the bottom of the barrel. RB3 online mode didn't help the shelf life either.
    Are you sure you are replying to the appropriate post?

  • V4VendettaV4Vendetta Road Warrior
  • SkodeSkode Headliner

    Doc_SoCal said:

    Will RB4 DLC be released for RB3?

    That would be great but... new engine, new gen of consoles...

    I would guess no.

    RB3 DLC sales for last gen dropped to the point of them ending DLC completely so I struggle to see them investing in reverse compatibility simply from a cost/profit standpoint.

    The songs will ALWAYS be mid and mogg files. The only different between consoles and generations is the performance, how the GUI runs, and the power. The process for getting a song in the Wii and PS3 and a 360 would be the same. Compile those song files for the system.

    And the RB3 sale drop can also be contributed to the music they were releasing. It was like scraping the bottom of the barrel. RB3 online mode didn't help the shelf life either.
    Erm the songs they released nearer the end were the better appealing songs for mass market... just the mass market had moved on from the genre by then (the music genre was labelled a "fad" though i feel its more attributed too being an expensive genre in the first place without the over saturation that came with each new game bringing new expense... Beatles needing an extra couple of microphones to enjoy harmonies, RB3 a Keyboard and Pro Guitar etc all whilst the world was suffering a financial crisis ie expensive DLC and Instruments became even bigger luxuries than ever before)

    Dont get me wrong its all subjective and i myself would not call myself a Carley Rae Jepson fan but whilst we would never have expecting those kinds of songs/artists in the RB1 days they definitely had way more appeal than a lot of what we were getting in large quantities at the "peak" of the franchise such as Grateful Dead or The Pixies. I think this will be a slow start but a fresh start for RB and HMX... they have it right - focus on what is most wanted with the most fans and start slow and steady (ie theyve announced rightly about making RB4 the platform so no sequels or expanions - Greenday to Lego were great games but the days where they can do those kinds of spin offs are gone IMO and likely their own opinions too now they are indie again).

    As for the files being the same as before etc... youve seen like myself zero gameplay. Weve no idea what new mechanics are in the games songs now, substancial changes would mean off the bat no backwards compatibility... you cant play RB3 songs on RB1 as i recall. Same principle here. Shame in many ways as having 4 platforms for DLC marketing is much better than just two, newer and smaller userbase ones (for now) but i can how they will want this to be the most appealing and best RB yet given its the hub for which the series will end and yet continue for an indefinite period if there is demand at the very same time.
  • Meat-PopsicleMeat-Popsicle Road Warrior
    tnevaker said:

    something tells me there's gonna be a lot less people playing RB3 once RB4 comes out.
    just a hunch, i guess.

    Seems likely, though there will always be good reasons for playing RB3 instead. Keys for sure, but there are bound to be other features that people wind up missing about the classic game. And it'll still be there, forever*

    *online features not included in "forever" projection
  • SayburrSayburr The Always Informative Rock Band Forum Guru
    ... then there are those like who to whom Last Gen is dead and buried. My launch 360 finally died on me, she was one of the few that lived a long life. Not going to buy a new 360 just to play Rock Band 3 when I have RB4 to look forward to.
  • SkodeSkode Headliner
    Sayburr said:

    ... then there are those like who to whom Last Gen is dead and buried. My launch 360 finally died on me, she was one of the few that lived a long life. Not going to buy a new 360 just to play Rock Band 3 when I have RB4 to look forward to.

    This... i moved on to the next gen thinking it was the end of RB for the seventh gen of consoles and i was right. No point going back knowing now the key factor in all of this... that my songs will for the most part make the move to the eight gen with me. That and more Muse... its inevitable, why go backward for less Muse? ;-)
  • Lord_MhoramLord_Mhoram Road Warrior
    I still have a PS2 hooked up. I'll replace my 360 at some point before they stop making them. I have lots of games for it I love. But the XB1 will be my new Rock Band console. Well.. that and Diablo 3
  • nuttzo31nuttzo31 Opening Act
    Sayburr said:

    ... then there are those like who to whom Last Gen is deaafterwardsburied. My launch 360 finally died on me, she was one of the few that lived a long life. Not going to buy a new 360 just to play Rock Band 3 when I have RB4 to look forward to.

    I actually just purchased another ps3 a couple of days before rb4 was announced.

    I regretted it afterwards until my old ps3 bit the dust a few days ago and now im happy I did because I can't go 6 days let alone 6 months+ without rockband.

  • Sayburr said:

    Neither the Kinect or the PSeye are supported.

    That's a shame,I was at least hoping for some minor Kinect features.Maybe voice commands to select a song so we don't have to scroll through a thousand songs to find the one we're looking for.
    Sayburr said:

    Vocals: “We can do better. I don’t want to get into specifics, but we are looking at vocals as another area of the game that I think was underserved. Without tipping our hand, I think we have a couple of really cool vocal features up our sleeve that I think will appeal to singing enthusiasts.

    Mics are more responsive

    As a vocalist,this makes me a little nervous.I hope they don't bring in any freestyle crap.It's challenging enough to work up the courage to play vocals with friends instead of just sitting out without there being parts when I have to make stupid noises into the mic for a higher score.That type of thing bothered me in early Guitar Hero vocals and it bothered me in Dance Central 1 (Which they thankfully gave the option to turn off in future games).

    I like how it currently is,your score isn't punished for not being absolutely 100% flawlessly perfect on every single pitch.You still have to be mostly on pitch,but you still have room to be yourself.I hope they don't change how vocals is at its core.

    One thing that definitely needs fixing for vocals is to do with the leaderboard.There is currently a person on Xbox 360 who has deliberately had their band mates fail out to pull them out of star power so they can activate it again later.That gives them a star power path that is unachievable solo.Simple fix,either go back to where solo scores had to be done solo,or make it so if anyone fails out,no-one can submit a score to the leaderboard.Anyone who has a problem with their bandmates potentially sabotaging their ability to submit a score can play with no-fail on.

    Mics being more responsive?Hell yeah.
  • White_PawZWhite_PawZ Road Warrior
    I'm excited to see the vocals get some love....

    They are probably our favorite. But hopefully they don't make them too hard, as we love to go online and just sing harmonies with online players as the band and I would hate to drag down peoples' scores!


  • SayburrSayburr The Always Informative Rock Band Forum Guru
    edited March 2015
    Big news: http://www.videogamer.com/ps4/rock_band_4/news/rock_band_4_will_be_1080p_60fps_release_date_set_for_october_report.html

    Rock Band 4 will run at 1080p/60fps and release this October, according to a report in UK games industry magazine MCV.

    "It'll be 1080p and will run at 60fps," he said. "I know there's a vocal group of players that want to hear that. But what to me is more exciting is the online infrastructure of the consoles. It will open a lot [of] opportunities for us to support the game in more reactive, timely ways".

    A release date was also teased in a separate article, in which MCV stated that "Rock Band 4 is now set to return this October, and widespread reports claim that Guitar Hero is also braced for return."

    You can read the MCV issue here: http://issuu.com/newbayeurope/docs/mcv827_march_20th

    Page 4 states the Oct release date.
    Page 16-17 has the resolution.
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