No new DLC = sunset?

A few months ago, @HMXamgo stated that there wouldn't be any new DLCs for DFME (either platform, I'm assuming). Does this herald the end of the game?

That would be sad, as there's such a loyal following of this product from gamers ranging from easy-going to hardcore. The eventual demise reminds me of that of TapTap Revenge (also syndicated through Disney just like Fantasia is).

Say it ain't so?


  • I was very disappointed with the lack of new DLCs too but my guess is they moved on to RB4 and Amplitude (and perhaps other unannounced projects) right after the development for Fantasia. The DLCs were actually available at launch as part of XB1 version Deluxe Bundle after all.

    And the frequent sales on Xbox Live and Amazon gives me an impression the game didn't do well enough to have a team dedicated for new DLCs.

    Really wanted some classical music DLC though...
  • Sad. *weeps in the corner of his bedroom*

    In lieu of those sales they could have just put up a huge amount of DLC and content in general... I mean really, this game is a really great introduction to Kinect and music based activity and is very addictive once you get hooked onto it.

    I know what goes into having to generate all these remixes and such, having done beta work for other Disney music gaming franchises. Being a web developer by trade, I know how hard it is to make and execute new content, and I respect that it's probably 10x harder in the console world than it is with, say, PHP web apps.

    And yet, the much more difficult to play Dance Central and the almost as difficult upcoming RB4 have virtually a thousand tracks getting churned out...?

    I guess we can't request so much out of a company that develops multiple music based games for multiple platforms (trying to shoot an analogous argument to my PhD adviser regarding my research and thesis, but that's another story!).

    Oh, what could have been...

    *continues weeping in corner* So sad, so sad.
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    I don't know, I don't know... was DFME set up to fail or something? Sad. *continues crying in corner of his bedroom*.

    I wouldn't mind some Disney film music, but honestly I think it'd be easier for HMX to get access to non-Disney music, and it appears that pop/rock titles have been more popular than Disney titles in FME, at least as per what I've found out on YouTube.

    That all said, I wouldn't mind "Under The Sea" in vocals/karaoke mode in RB4, given that I grew up with it as it came out when I was in kindergarten. =)
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    "On June 9, 2014, cheaper Xbox One bundles which exclude Kinect were introduced." Dance Central Spotlight came out September 2nd, 2014 and Fantasia came out October 21st, 2014. This decision significantly lowered the audience for those games I'm sure.
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