For Fun: What's that Move?

Something I noticed in Fantasia is that there are common 'sets' of cues that occur together, and certain sets that look like you're pulling a move from Dance Central (or other similar game). The developers already talk about the "gliding" movement (consecutive opposing sweeps with the same hand).

So I started a thread where people can "name" their favorite "moves". Here are some of mine:

Po (Kung-Fu Panda): Hitting 2 long path cues or sweep-holds fully (your hands light up on fire, like Po's did at the end of Kung-Fu Panda 2).
Big Hug: Two simultaneous sweep cues that point into each other. (You can find these in the hoe down mix of "Counting Stars").
Disco Inferno: Hitting the switch cue and going into the blue mix (I swear it feels disco!).
Spin Cycle: Hitting a series of diagonal sweeps that face the same direction with the same hand - by moving your arm in a circle.
ADD: Holding in one cue (e.g. sweep hold) and multitasking with your other hand, hitting sweeps. (This is actually a goal in "Bohemian Rhapsody", just with a more tasteful name).
Spastic Jellyfish: Any situation where you see so many sweeps that you have no choice but to fling your arms at random as quickly as you can in every direction imaginable (you can find these sections in "Lay Me Down").
Karate Kid: Hitting two consecutive 1/16th note push cues with the same hand as if you're doing a double punch. (You can find these in "Spoonman")
The New Jersey: Becoming so angry at missing a cue that you hit the next one while giving the Kinect sensor a not very nice hand gesture. =( (Common in Scout's Song, where a goal is to hit every single cue outside the composition spells, so missing even one cue is pretty much the end of it.)

Please add your own 'signature moves'. Would be fun to hear. =)
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