Rock Band 4 Backwards DLC and Gear Compatibility

Hi there, I'm really looking forward to Rock Band 4. I am a really big fan of the whole series, although I think RB4 will be the first out of the whole series I will be getting the full band kit. So with that said, I have roughly the whole RB series for Xbox 360, I remember that you could export the Track Packs into your main RB library on RB3, I was just wondering, will we be able to do that for RB4? Also, at E3 somebody said on the HARMONIX website there was a chart for the old gear that will be compatible with the adapter coming with the XBOX ONE. I only have the digital copy of RB3 and the rest of my collection is used, but if I buy all the games and track packs NEW, would I be able to export all the music into RB4 when XBOX ONE backwards compatibility becomes available. I have been a loyal fan since day 1...Can somebody please get back to me with the answers?

Other than there any chance of THE ROCK BAND LIVE TOUR coming back? I really enjoyed it back in 2009 or 2010, um can't remember the exact year, but I know it was at Cedar Point Amusement Park in OHIO, USA.

Okay enough said...thanks and ROCK ON FELLOW ROCKERS!
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