RB4 Drums

Been playing RB4 for a couple hours with a buddy. I finally got the calibration down for the guitar to play comfortably. I hop on the drums and calibrate, play an easy song so my pad hits are in sync with the notes. Got it! Then I decide to play a song with a couple drum rolls and fills and I I think the drums responded to one of maybe 3 or 4 notes. Can't play anything over starter songs without getting frustrated and quit lol. Am I missing something here or is this common problem.

PS I've drummed in real life for over 10 years and rocked RB since RB1 first came out. I know when I miss and when I don't. Just saying.

PSS I also noticed my kick pedal only responds if I slam my foot down on it. Hitting two quick kick notes are almost impossible to hit.

Please note this is definitely not a game killer. This Rock Band is still fun as hell(when I'm on guitar lol)!

Any help would be appreciated :)



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