Rock Band DLC Purchased, But can't Download? (PS4)

Way back when RB4 was announced I made a list of all the songs I bought and all the songs from all the disc exports including the ones that didn't export from RB1 and RB2 just in case... Last night after going through the long process of finding all the songs I decided to check my list, low and behold I missed quite a few... some I knew they were part if Disc Export Track Packs so I moved along to the ones I knew weren't because I read Harmonics is working on the Disc Exports... So I was missing Dragonforce - Through the Fire and the Flames in the in-game store it says Purchased so I clicked to download it and I'm brought to a screen saying "Nothing to show here" so I thought okay, probably just too many people trying to download songs and backing up the servers. So I go to the PSN Store find the song and again it says purchased but I can't download...

Does anyone know a fix for this or if it's a bug Harmonix is working on?
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