DC 1, 2 and 3 and Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

I just wondering if Harmonix (assuming you all have control over such things) was going to allow for Dance Central 1, 2 and 3 to be playable on the Xbox One, now that backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 games is finally becoming available. If so, is there a chance that there will be the option to import the On-Disc songs from those games to Dance Central Spotlight?

-From Sean with Love


  • Not sure if Harmonix still comes to this forum to answer stuffs but Microsoft has specifically mentioned backwards compatibility does not work on games that require Kinect V1 and USB controllers.
  • It'd be really nice if my $150+ were not thrown completely to waste with the purchase of the first 3 games. Harmonix, if you see this - work on making it so I can export the songs from the first game to Dance Central: Spotlight. If I am not mistaken, you've done this with Rock Band?
  • @Ahatch0788 I think it's to do with licensing becoming complicated for digital only games so the same reason Rock Band Blitz didn't have the ability to export Rock Band 3 but rather HMX had to wait until Rock Band 4 happened. A fully fledged Dance Central 4 would probably have exports transferring over and DC3 export being available though HMX has said DC4 isn't happening.
  • Please harmonix, can you please make a compatible the dance central 3 to our xbox one because this is the best game that ive ever had and i bought xbox one recently and i didnt expect that it didnt work to it. I boight DC3 at online and i expect itll work but its not thats only my concern tahnk you
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