Looking for new RB4 friends (XBone)

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Im looking for new RB4 Friends to add on the XBone. I play on expert guitar/bass/drums.

Cheers from norway

Gamertag : DirkDee


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    Hej, I'm looking for some peepz, too. I play mostly guitar but also bass (sold my pro drum set). I'm gettin' a bit better from time to time. So feel free to add me! :-)

    My gamertag is RockinFlamingo1.

  • imagineimagine Opening Act
    Same I have a lot of songs and would love some competition. Imaginethepoet
  • Anyone can feel free to add me on Xbox One. Nice to see other people's scores when you finish a track.

    Gamertag: Timmo Warner
  • Same. Feel free to add me. GT: Navy Cherub
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    Awesome with new RB friends!. Cheers :)
  • I want some scores to chase as well

    Gamertag: RuinZaid
  • I'll add all of you.

    gt: xDarkPrince
  • Add me, DesiringCorpse on XB1. I play drums
  • Add me as well! Jemmy Jams , i play guitar and drums!
  • Add me as well! EerierSeal24160 i play guitar sometimes ill'l play hard or medum depending on difficulty :)
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    Yay friends! I mostly play guitar but sometimes I love to do vocals even though I'm really not good at singing... add me. GT: TheLlamaOdyssey
    Oh, I also play on expert.
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    Hello, all! Currently: I do play all for instruments in the game. Vocals=expert, Bass=expert, Drums=Mostly expert, some on hard, Guitar=hard but I'm just starting out for real so I'll be on expert at no time. Add me: gamertag= doughnutlyfe7
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    Hi guys. I'm new to the series, but I'm already loving it. I'm currently playing guitar and drums on medium/hard level. Add me if you like.
    Gamertag: szynszylki2
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    Hey guys!

    I play everything on expert, but normally play bass, and vocals.

    I've played Rock Band since 2012, but I'm new to Xbox. I don't have a lot of DLC as of now, but I definitely have plans to expand my library tenfold. :smiley:

    Feel free to add! Gamertag: WhateverWeWant2

    (Slight update: just added everyone above :smile: )
  • CharizardSnyper

    Expert guitar/bass player.
  • Gamer tag: drizztshredding

    Expert guitar and bass

    300 dlc
  • XB1 gamertag same as my HMX forum screen name. Expert vocals on most songs (though hard with others if you want more points out of me).

    In theory I do drums, but wouldn't attempt that in a band. XD

    Also, I'll be changing how I add friends because I just realized that making 'elite vocalist club' friends isn't going to help me when Rivals online starts, so I'll end up looking for competent friendly non-vocalist people who like alt rock, nu-metal, and 80s/90s/00s/TBT*** music.

    Trivia: If anybody can regularly do expert 5 stars on "Viva La Resistance" by Hypernova (RB3 entitlement) on drums/bass/guitar, pretty much automatic friends for the honest sheer admiration I have of those who kept up with me.

    ***FML, 00s music is now TBT.
  • XB1 gamertag is QuantumHandsome.

    Currently playing Bass or Guitar & Vocals.

    Pro Drums & Vocals when the adapter makes it to Aus.

    Difficulty ranges from medium to expert.

    (QzStoryteller is my PS4 gamertag)
  • IvoryDollIvoryDoll Unsigned
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    I will be looking for a band once synchronous multiplayer is active for expert high score full band pathing.

    GT: IvoryDoll
  • Ivory doll I'm down to join you! I have an ion drum set up ready to go. All instruments expert so I'm flexible with anyone else you got with you! Currently sitting at 1700 songs and am no new to pathing #1 scores! Add my Xbox Gt: MadMassacre510
  • venom139venom139 Unsigned
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    Please add me. Have about 800 songs and looking for buddies especially for October. Venom139
  • Venom139 what do you play and what level
  • I'm Guitarrist/Bass/Vocal and drums Expert!

    Gamertag: Rafael Bombz
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    I added you all guys!
  • Anyone here can add me if you like... korndog81
    I only have a couple RB4 friends :'(
  • Are you guys all getting the Rivals expansion? I'm getting it, along with RB4, when it comes out next week,

    Xbox ID is EJtheDJ666
  • Sk8cam
  • Just added everyone in this thread :)
    Gamertag: Maiden Olivia
    About 450-500 songs and I'm normally on expert guitar and bass, feel free to invite me when multiplayer is out
  • Been playing since Rock Band 1. Expert guitar and bass. Was decent at drums, but don't have those yet for the XBone. 400+ DLC :) I play all the time. Feel free to add me!

    Gamertag: o IF U B A IR o
  • I play them all on expert and drums on Pro. Add me if you want. GT: Dante Bravo
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