Rockband 4, 360 instruments not working

I have the legacy adapter for Xbox one. I am trying two use a guitar and drum set from the rockband Beatles game. Each instrument syncs just fine. I can turn off the controllers via the Xbox button and can even navigate the Xbox one dashboard but in game it acts as if nothing is connected. Can someone please help? My kid is rather devastated and I can't buy new instruments.


  • This happens to me from time to time. What I do is launch the game, if it doesn't recognise the guitar or drums, I hold down the xbox button, turn of the controllers and then turn them back on. Seems to sort out the problem.
  • Thanks for the suggestion. I'm afraid I have tried this numerous times. I tried again after reading this, you mean you just held down button, turned it off and held the button again and it worked? Also, with me it isn't from time to time, it never worked at all.
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