Legacy Drum issue, bouncing to home screen (XB1)

edited December 2015 in Support
Format: Xbox One, Drums: (new) wireless GHWoR. Adapter used.

Had zero problems the first few days (after sock mod). Today, while playing, the game/console will keep taking me out of the game and acts as if I'm pressing the home button, as well as acting as if I'm holding down the home button (asking if I want to shut off the controller or the console. Also, will move to the left opening the shortcut bar. It bounces through all these things randomly, once it starts.

I can play a few songs (sometimes) before it starts doing it. I've checked batteries, reset system, reset adapter, reset drums, checked for possible xtalk from other devices. Though, the play environment has been the same throughout.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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