Server down for live challenges in DC3?

Hi, I tried to get the achievement "Up to the Challenge" since yesterday, but I got the message that DC3 server are down. Well, I suposse that nobody from Harmonix answer these forums (from what I read before writing my post), and that the servers are long dead :(

I really want to finish this game 100% . I bought DCS in october, but I want to finish DC3 before start playing DCS.


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    I've also tried to connect to the DC3 server, but it's down, it's weird, because the servers of DC2 are working, the difference is that i'm trying to buy the DC2 Import pack to DC3, Also, I've tried to buy 2 weeks ago and it was shutted down. I'm waiting for a solution :/
  • You aren't the only one with export problems, but there is no answer in the forums. I tried two times asking about servers down in Facebook, but Harmonix only answers questions about Rock Band 4,

    You can try to contact harmonix in facebook, and if you can, please add my question as well. I'll start asking about exports too ;)
  • Hey! Harmonix answer about DC exports! :)

    Look for Andrew Longmore post.
  • The achievement "Up to the challenge" is unobtainable
  • The servers are up again and this achievement is unlockable :D

    I tried on February 7th, 2016
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