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    My behind the scenes rants are heavily edited from the actual broadcast.

    I'm the Bob Saget of the group.
  • Hey here's the audio version as well.
  • DrowGamer77DrowGamer77 Serious Business
    hahaha "sophomore slump" nice, STM

    there were some definite bright spots (Don't do METH, kids) though, don't fret.
  • We're like Boston's second album.
  • The dropoff to Boston's 3rd (and 4th ... and 5th and 6th?!?) albums was a lot steeper. I predict that the podcast keeps up momentum better than they did.
  • It also didn't take a decade between podcasts.
  • DrowGamer77DrowGamer77 Serious Business
    I'm like ...
  • RockBandRockerRockBandRocker Love Is A Battleship
    Unless Episode 3's topic has already been decided, I'd like to recommend TV Shows of the '80's as a topic.
  • I have no experience whatsoever with that topic and it would absolutely infuriate anyone with a passing interest in the subject.
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    We're in the process of 3 now. Due to unforeseen technical difficulties, it has been delayed however hopefully we can complete it soon.

    And no, I didn't get drunk and pee on the recording equipment.
  • It'll be done when I can guarantee its worth anyones time.
  • Lawdog1521Lawdog1521 Squirrel Chasing Expert
    Witt is a stern production manager.

    He beats people when they screw up with a cricket bat.
  • My backswing is becoming legendary!
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    Tough but fair.

    He's our Brian Epstein.

    And yes I did compare us to The Beatles.
  • Hey next podcast is all about love! We're going Delilah style with answering love and heartbreak letters! Post us questions or stories and we'll condole you the best way we can.
  • Dear WDRN,
    You break up and all you can think about and talk about with your friends is that special person. How long after a relationship like that before you can date someone else and reasonably hope that it'll actually work out?

    Asking for me 20 years ago, wondering what your answers would be.
  • Lawdog1521Lawdog1521 Squirrel Chasing Expert
    Great, our first question!

    Just a reminder, our next podcast will be Valentine's themed and in addition to love songs in the pay list, we'll be offering advice in love and taking questions. Post them here to possibly hear it on the air.
  • RockBandRockerRockBandRocker Love Is A Battleship
    edited February 2016
    Hello WDRN! Long time listener, first time caller.

    As a gay man I'm wondering what do straight guys think when a gay man compliments them? How have you reacted to this happening to you when/if it's happened?

    Thank you. Keep on rockin'.
  • Dadasaurus RexDadasaurus Rex Rawwwwwwr!
    edited February 2016
    This is a great question...If it was one of my friends that I knew or thought might be gay....it would depend on the content, context, and setting at the time. I have had many different gay friends over the years and it really just depends on the friend and the situation.

    As a general rule I would not react any differently with a gay friend if the compliment, was just a compliment,

    If it was a sexual innuendo or reference...Again depending on the friend and our level of comfortability with each other...I would probably give a very friendly, but smart assy "Alrighty, now, let's re-evaluate the situation pal" to most gay dudes that would call me their friend.

    If it was a creepy trojan horse compliment and my friend was not being forward with trying to hit on me I would probably feel uncomfortable, not know what to say, and avoid him.

    if it was dude out of the blue...in public....Wildcard, total wildcard.
  • Rex, it's part of the WDRN podcast we're doing a question and answer section on love. Send me 5 love songs if you want to be in it then you can answer it.
  • I want to hear you guys' stories and survival tips on long-distance relationships.
  • Lawdog1521Lawdog1521 Squirrel Chasing Expert
    Rex is full of himself and stepped up to the plate right away on how to handle flirtation.

    Rex is too sexy for the thread, too sexy for this thread, so sexy it went to his head. :p
  • Issue 2: Your crush rejects you, romantically. Remain / become friends, or purge them from your life completely? Does the answer change if you dated for a while vs. you were shot down right from the start?
    Issue 3: Do you believe in the ick-factor formula (half your age + 7)? Have you ever violated it? If so, did friends / society let you know that you were, indeed, being icky?
    Issue 4: What's the worst line you've used that actually worked? Can you think of any time where using a corny / cheesy / obvious "line" probably worked better than the default line ("Hello") would have?
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    edited February 2016
    I've got some extra data, time to binge-hear WDRN.

    I am DYING at "My name's STM and I loooooove to party."
  • RockBandRockerRockBandRocker Love Is A Battleship

    Issue 2: Your crush rejects you, romantically. Remain / become friends, or purge them from your life completely? Does the answer change if you dated for a while vs. you were shot down right from the start?

    ^ Answer This! SO MUCH This!
  • Hey, here are a few updates. Podcast 4 will become podcast 3, they're switching, I'm stupid and accidentally record my dialog on the first take. Think of it as the Chinese Democracy of the Podcast, it'll almost certainly be worth the wait.


    Next up, we're still looking for letters which we might even dedicate a sappy un-coincidentally ironic song too. I promise not to give the song choice to STM.
  • RockBandRockerRockBandRocker Love Is A Battleship
    So, because of a Witt screw-up, I don't get to have my romantic woes solved? Thanks Witt!
  • Luckily, we still have a week until our romantic woes need solving.
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