Best controller for Amplitude?

Hey guys,

Now that the game has officially launched to non-Kickstarter players, I was wondering if anyone found an ideal controller to play the game with? The R2 trigger isn't ideal for a game like Amplitude, and the PS4 shoulder buttons are mushier than the original PS2 controller.

Honestly, a PS2>PS4 converter sounds like a dream, but Google hasn't turned much up on that front aside from some people saying "so and so converter doesn't work."

Has anyone figured out some sort of controller solution? I do fine in the game -- gold bars more often than not -- I just don't like the trigger, and I definitely mess up sometimes due to the weird feel of trigger or the mushy shoulder buttons getting "stuck."

Thanks guys!


  • gtcgtc Unsigned
    I don't like the controller either, and I'm working on a custom job that will end up playing more like beatmania (using arcade pushbuttons instead of triggers). Check out some fighting game community sites like Arcade Shock or Focus Attack, there are "good" converters out there!
  • Really enjoying the new Amplitude - however I battled with the PS4 pad quite a bit. First one of my bumper buttons started sticking, requiring cleaning out. Not to mention the rubber on the sticks breaking and requiring replacement. So, I spotted a Brook SuperConverter which turns PS2 pads into PS4 pads. And it's amazing! Like a totally different game! Seriously, I can't recommend it enough if you're missing R1 / L1 / L2 and can't get the hang of the face buttons.
  • TubaDude49TubaDude49 Road Warrior
    Have you tried some of the other configs? "Upper Hand" (L1 X R1) works great for me.
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