A fan forum for Amplitude/FreQuency

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Long story short, the longtime hardcore fans started a forum before the game even came out for early access.

There's giveaways, challenges, and the site is much nicer thanks to the hard work of the man (Resetti) and woman (Peachio) in charge.

We welcome one and all, and have many different discussion sections for anything you can think of.

Many things are in the works, including a comprehensive guide created by your's truly with help from the community.

Please take a look and join the Amp Army!


P.S. Resetti, Peachio, and everyone else have NOTHING to do with this post.


  • Thanks for the info! Great resource :)
  • I take it this is a newer forum since the last one was closed?
    Stupid question I suppose etherway, I will join!!
    I miss the last one, since we could share, and download remixes.
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