What Does The Letter Next To The Overall Total Score Mean?

I see everybody's overall score has a letter next to the score (similar to how it is with each individual song).

I know the letters stand for the difficulty.

But since the overall scores can be achieved on multiple difficulty levels (mine were), how does it decide what letter to display?

Mine changed from A to I and I can't figure out why. I have seen other people's letter change too. It doesn't seem to be related to how high the score is as there are plenty in the Top 2000 that have an I or an A next to them.

I thought it might have to do with what level you reached on the campaign, so I finished campaign on Advanced and started the first song on Expert and my overall total score still has an I next to it.

Also I have at least one score that displays a higher score in my quickplay list, but did not get posted to the leaderboard. Could this have anything to do with my total letter displayed? It seems a little like the Rock Band error where all my scores stopped posting to the leaderboard.

I did have one day where I kept getting an error message pop up and pause my song making it almost impossible to keep my combos. It would say "an error has occurred NP-31805-7". I had to stop playing that day as it happened in every song. Luckily, I had never seen that error before or again except that one day...


  • TubaDude49TubaDude49 Road Warrior
    I think you need to have scores recorded for nearly all of the songs on that difficulty. If you beat all songs on at least Advanced, you should have an A.
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