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Any update on when these are coming if at all?


  • They are coming! We'll have an update soon with final delivery estimates from our fulfillment partners. :)
  • gtcgtc Unsigned
    No word yet?
  • gtcgtc Unsigned
    From twitter, for those who might not see it:

    "When all rewards are finished with production we will ship them out in one batch. When we have a shipping date, we'll share it!"

    So there's actually still no word. The original backer update said:

    "As of this update, all physical rewards are in production. We know the next thing you’re wondering is when you’ll receive your rewards, and we will have accurate information for you by the time the game launches in January. Items like t-shirts, patches, and posters will arrive much sooner than other items like the vinyl which will have a much longer production timeline.

    For those wondering about digital rewards, like the soundtrack and digital art book, you can expect those to arrive when you receive your game codes.

    We will have updated information on when you can exactly expect your rewards to arrive soon!"

    So if things were in production since early November.....

    -they are not shipping separately like the update seems to hint at, and my guess is that the vinyl 2/3-soundtrack is holding everything up

    -there's no way it takes almost 4 months to print shirts, posters, and DVD cases AND do fulfillment (I've worked in printing for a good many years, it does NOT take that long)

    -no digital art book at all, even though it was to be ready at launch

    -the only backer rewards we HAVE seen were DLC codes to be used on DLC that they don't even plan to release (oh well, some other developer got that money) and 2/3 of the campaign soundtrack, which was just tossing some mp3s online

    -still no mention of a PS3 release that was supposed to quickly follow the PS4 release

    I'm loving the game and all, but seriously guys this is turning into a ****. I was hoping that Rock Band problems were a Rock Band thing, but it's spilling over to this project and making me really lose the faith I once had in Harmonix. The kind of faith that made me spend $200 on an indie game without a second thought.
  • LoopyChewLoopyChew Wordsmith
    In addition to an "early April" release for PS3 mentioned in today's Kickstarter update, we have a quote for physical rewards:
    These will be ready slightly after the PS3 version hits, given current estimates. The vinyl is going to take another 3-4 weeks to finish production, which will then be shipped to our fulfillment folks. They're going to take everything, split it up, make sure the right backers are getting the right items, and ship it out to you. If I had to guess, I'd add another 1-2 weeks on top of the vinyl's production time for this, so we're looking at mid- to late-April for physical rewards.
  • gtcgtc Unsigned
    Anybody else notice it's May now with no updates?
  • Yeah, I am not sure what has been going on. There was an update early April about PS3 codes, but it seems HMX hasn't been responding to kickstarter messages or posting any additional updates. I am still waiting to get my physical rewards as well as rewards for PS3 version of Amp...
  • gtcgtc Unsigned
    It apparently takes them weeks to even find out the fulfillment status.

    Harmonix has blown my mind with how quickly they can piss away goodwill from hardcore fans.
  • kitlerckitlerc Road Warrior
    Yeah, what is going on with the physical rewards? If they were actually shipped at the end of april, at least some of us should have received them by now.
  • I got my PS3 rewards yesterday, so it looks like things are still churning. Hopefully an update will be provided on the status of the physical rewards as any updated timeline would be beneficial.
  • gtcgtc Unsigned
    Pretty sure Harmonix just doesn't give a **** anymore.
  • gtcgtc Unsigned

    We finally have an update, hoping they're not delayed again!
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    Soooooo, how about that PS2 style Amplitude Game Case? Zero mention of that in the update.

    Edit: After reviewing the confirmation email from Fangamer, the gamecase IS listed. Soooo, I guess never mind that. Still won't believe the shipping estimate until I get a tracking number from FedEx
  • Found the Fangamer email in Junk but it's now done. I so hope the rewards do ship as planned on the first week of June. Around 2 years ago this project was funded and while it sure was a bumpy ride with delays for the game and rewards, at least it's nearly all done now.
  • gtcgtc Unsigned
    Yeah.... I'll get the poster framed up, stick the album in the collection, and we'll go back to having nothing to look forward to unless they decide to do DLC.

    What a campaign.
  • gtcgtc Unsigned
    Got the album... might as well repost what I said on the KS page:
    I'd think about selling my copy but it arrived with the outer sleeve beat to **** and with gunk on the disc causing skips.

    More and more pissed that this was +$75 over the tier below it, and we got the equivalent of a $15-20 LP. At that price this really could have done a gatefold 2xLP, put the whole 15 track campaign on it, used some actually decent inners instead of a crappy blank cardstock that leaves paper shavings all over the disc, and still had loads of profit to fund the game.

    But it's on par with the rest of the project. The gameplay was good but the soundtrack lacking. The interface and environments were meh. The art book was an actual pile of trash with little thought put into it. Besides the LP being solid red instead of a swirl or burst pour, all of the backer rewards looked exactly like the preview shots with no further work or thought put into them. And of course, they walked back DLC support so this is all we're getting, essentially killing the game right out of the gate.

    Well done, Harmonix. I thought this would be better than Rock Band 4.
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