DC Spotlight: PLEASE add all music from previous Dance Central Games!!!

I paid for DC 1 and 2 and loved the selection of music. Could y'all please make a DLC with all music and routines from these games that can be used in DC Spotlight? Spotlight's selection of music sux. I was wanting to dance to Usher's DJ got us fallin in love, but the song isn't even available. Instead we've got lame Usher songs. Please incorporate all the previous games music into DC Spotlight. I've already paid for these previous two games but I'm willing to pay $40 per DLC. That's $80 from two old games! Come on Harmonix, stop being lazy!


  • I agree that all the songs from the older DC games should be made available for Spotlight, although even if they could be ported for free I think it should be optional for the player and done on an individual basis for particular songs, so as to avoid clutter.
  • Its called "export".
  • Wikipedia states as of now that all DLC of previous releases has been ported to Dance Central Spotlight. Is this true?
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