Purchasing the soundtrack

One of the Kickstarter rewards was access to the digital soundtrack, which included ten songs from the game. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a way to buy it now that the fundraising campaign has concluded. The soundtrack was only offered to backers in .mp3 format, with no option for lossless quality or a physical disc.

Could you sell the soundtrack on Bandcamp? Several other tracks from the game can be purchased there, so it would be a fitting place to offer this soundtrack to fans of the game. As an aside, are there any songs from FreQuency and Ampliude (PS2) that you have the rights to sell as well? It would be nice to see some of those songs made available as well.
  1. Perfect Brain
  2. Wet Ware
  3. Recession
  4. Break for Me
  5. Decode Me
  6. Astrosight
  7. Human Love
  8. Supraspatial
  9. Digital Paralysis
  10. Dalatecht


  • gtcgtc Unsigned
    I donno, I would consider that $200 vinyl album tier a "lossless physical disc"...
  • Maybe with XerQ's post about funding DLC Harmonix can sell the digital soundtrack again to raise funds! Just do it Harmonix! We love Amplitude and will fund the DLC just give us a chance to do it! You can make fans happy by providing DLC and the soundtrack.
  • gtcgtc Unsigned
    The WHOLE soundtrack ideally.
  • stigdustigdu Opening Act
    Yes, I'd like to purchase the soundtrack too.
  • gtcgtc Unsigned
    There's no reason not to sell the mp3s? I mean, backers could get butthurt about less "exclusivity" but for a digital good that is artificially scarce, that's really stupid.

    Could sell the art book too if that ever happens.
  • I feel like I would be remiss if I didn't drop in and say you can get Assault on Psychofortress for pay-what-you-want at http://singlewhiteinfidel.bandcamp.com/album/fictionpunx

  • gtcgtc Unsigned
    Eff the haters, that's one of the best tracks in the game too.
  • Yes.

    Eff the haters.

    One of the haters said it sounds like a "Bad dragonforce song" which, honestly, I was stoked when I read it, so
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