Legacy DC Songs in Spotlight

I'm not sure if this has been mentioned and/or if DC is just dead, but I'd like to offer some insight anyway. I'm an avid Rock Band fan in addition to DC. They went through a massive export of legacy DLC and there was/are so many issues with it. One of the issues was having to install songs manually. I'm not sure if its just fate or something, but I haven't touched DC Spotlight in a year or two? I have my games installed on an external drive and the drive ended up dying on me. So I bought a new drive and reinstalled all my games. When DC Spotlight was queued, I noticed it automatically queued *SOME* of my legacy songs from DC1 and DC2. I was like huh...so I went into the in-game store and tried downloading my others and it said I'd have to purchase it.

I then went into the actual xbox store outside of the game (just search dance central and all of the songs pull up) - I then searched for one of the legacy songs. It pulled up, I clicked on it and then the xbox circle validated my entitlement. Low and behold, it gave me the option to install. I made a list of all my legacy DLC through the Xbox 360 history site so I could remember what I purchased (https://live.xbox.com/download/history) - I went through every single song that wasn't in my DC library and it let me install of them. If you bought packs, they do not work still, but you can download them individually. I'm happy to say while this method is tedious, it works. :)

PS - I also found a few songs in the xbox store NOT in the DC store:

Iyaz - Replay
Rupee - Tempted To Touch
Taio Cruz - Break Your Heart
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