I will no longer support Harmonix after this

You know, when Rock Band died, Dance Central was all they had. 3 games and all that DLC and this DCS is still so broken and there is still issues with legacy DLC. They abandoned this board so they are done with this game. I even bought that stupid fantasia game.


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    What are your issues with legacy dlc?
  • See you again when the legacy dlc issues get resolved !
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    The legacy DLC issues have been resolved, but HMX has failed to explain how to make them work. If you go to My Games and Apps, then highlight DCS, push the option button (hamburger, 3 lines) on the right of the xbox button and choose manage my game, once it loads, you should see your legacy DLC songs ready to install. If not all of them are there, then unfortunately you need to search each song individually unfortunately, but you can still reinstall them.
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    i read on the news that the kickstarter to port rockband to pc failed. curious i head over to this forum as i was wondering whats new with DC.

    sadly its kinda dead. no new DLC and one of the most recent forum topics is about no longer supporting harmonix. i loved harmonix, it gave me rockband and dance central. i bought xbox 360 just for dance central. i sold it off to buy xbox one just for dance central. i am a pc gamer who gave up on consoles yet am committed enough to buy an entire console just for this game.

    at the moment i cant see DC going anywhere. i want to play DC3 but i dont have xbox 360 but i sold off the unit as well as the discs. i had the impression everything i had would be ported into DCS which many have shown me proof that that was not the case. regardless, DCS has so many things that DC3 lacked. both are awesome games.

    i wonder if harmonix would release any new dlc but i m guessing its dead. there's no teasing nor any news. i guess i have to just accept that its dead. i still have so many dance routines i have not mastered so the game will still last me a long while. its just so damn sad to see this happen.

    sure i can see the value in the direction of DCS, new DLC have much more value for money where there are 4 significantly different routines per song, but it does kill the value where dance moves are recycled. i guess this is the problem with dance games. when all moves are explored theres nothing new. also, with 4 routines/song it would mean development costs per songs would increase. its harder to gain back the initial investment and is risky.

    what did i significantly enjoy from dc1/2/3? the difficulty and dance routines, one dance was significantly different from another. i felt like i was learning. i was dancing a song meant for the song.

    what about spotlight? it gave a lot of variety and i really love it's workout mode, but the routines themselves... they felt fun, real fun but really generic.

    so will i support harmonix in the future? i dunno man... i dont feel rewarded for supporting harmonix for dcs... i feel like i should sell off my xbone and buy a used 360...
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