Score Mechanics

I've really been enjoying this game, but I've been unable to determine how the point system works. Is each move worth the same amount of points (before the multiplier) or do they have different values? What are the maximum high scores for each routine? Is there a formula Harmonix can share regarding how scores are calculated and what defines a gold star performance? Do fitness routines change based on what moves have been collected, or is that my imagination? Finally, what's up with the coughing sound effect ruining the songs? Is that an indicator that the move isn't being done right, even though it occurred in the middle of a flawless streak? It's worse than a booing crowd, some random dude in my fictional dance hall coughing over my songs, get that guy a cough drop or kick him out already!
Thank you!


  • thezeemanthezeeman Opening Act
    Hmm I've never paid attention to be honest. In all hmx games, I typically turn down everything but the music, all the sound fx, crowds, etc. always end up annoying me so off they go! As for points, I could be wrong, but I believe it gives you different points based on how many times you do the moves in succession successfully, at least from what I noticed. This also builds up your multiplier with a max of x32 in DCS. I haven't gold starred any songs in DCS, but in previous games I did and it was based on a certain score number, which if I recall, you could only miss one or two moves and the rest had to be flawless. In all the DC games, I only completed one song in DC1 (I think Poker Face if I recall) that I did flawless on every single move but I don't recall if there is a "full combo" like the RB games for 100% everything.
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