What ever happened to Music VR?

Anyone know what happened to the app Music VR that Harmonix was making for the Gear VR? I haven't seen anything about it since early last year and with Samsung practically giving the Gear VR away with every Galaxy S7 (and Edge) now is the best time for this to come out.

Anyone know what's going on?


  • The last time I read it seems to have been addressed as a PS VR exclusive and they are currently showing it in GDC along with another VR app called The Easel. Not sure if it'll land on other VR platform in future.
  • HMXMudryHMXMudry Unsigned
    We're still working on it and it's launching exclusively on PlayStation VR this October!

    @meansary: The Easel is actually the name of a world in Harmonix Music VR, not a separate VR app. :)
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