Mad catz midi pro adapter

So I've been searching for anyone having a similar issue but I haven't found any posts on it.

I have a ps4 and was able to connect my Roland td-30k to it with the mad catz midi pro adapter and play rock band 4. Its amazing but in having one super frustrating issue.

Randomly the notes will completely stop registering in rock band 4. The td-30 says things are being played and I don't seem to be doing anything different when it happens. It's super frustrating because I'll be playing a song and all of a sudden nothing registers. I'm going to look into the basics, buy a new midi cable and then factory reset the td-30 and see if this fixes it but it seems like this would be a mad catz midi pro adapter issue.

I know the adapter is not supported for the ps4(it's the PS3 version) but I don't see why it would work and then randomly fail unless it's a cable issue or an adapter malfunctioning. Thoughts?
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