Different Bugs noticed in the game

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I have only been playing this on the PS3, but I just thought it would be nice for people to share different "bugs" or odd behaviors that have been noticed in the game. There are a couple of things that I have noticed:

1. This has only happened once, but on Dalatecht, I went through a barrier and the game "froze" well the I was still able to move my blaster around the arena (the backround changed colors as if going to a different track), but I everything else was stopped and could not move. I had to hard reset my PS3 to get past it. I uploaded a video of it here:

2. In addition to the above, before this was happening there were times where I was playing on a continuous mode. It was like the game didn't recognize that I was on a track, and I was able to play the track. I think there is a youtube video showing similar behavior here:

3. I noticed this while playing last night. I messed up and lost my streak, but I noticed that after hitting multiple tracks in a row, the multiplier still showed as x1, but I could see that for every note I was hitting, my score was adding 4x points. It was odd, but after I lost my streak again, the score multiplier worked as expected.


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    Hmm, I've had a bug pop up today: the game no longer shows "Previous Best" stats for any of my songs. :disappointed:
  • I have seen that when I go to a new difficulty, not just normal playthrough.. That is not fun :/

    I have seen some additional things like the background clipping through the tracks and blocking the view of if there is a gem there or not.
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