What determines which "Total Score" is displayed on the Leaderboards..?

I've played all of the songs on Advanced and Expert, and all but three of my scores are higher on Expert. So why is my total score displayed with an "A" instead of an "X?" I just assumed whichever total is higher gets displayed, but it isn't mathematically possible that my Advanced total is higher than my Expert total when 27 of the 30 songs in this game have higher Expert scores. I have a friend who plays, and he also has three songs with higher Advanced scores, but his total score is displayed with an "X." Does the total score displayed get determined by something else?


  • The lowest difficulty on any of the songs is the difficulty displayed on the Overall Leaderboard ;) For example, at one point I had every song beat on Super difficulty so I had an S on the Overall Leaderboard, but I accidentally got a higher score on Expert on one song and it dropped my Overall Leaderboard Difficulty to an X, so I had to play the song over and over again on Super to beat my Expert score to get my S baQ :p ^_6
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