Augmented reality vs. virtual reality

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It's cool that VR is gaining so much traction, but I'm sad that AR (augmented reality) didn't take off instead. Augmented reality is basically Google Glass -- something that overlays the real world, rather than replacing it altogether.

I was a huge nut for Google Glass as a productivity tool, because it's SO COOL! AR has lots of gaming possibilities, though; imagine Pokémon Go where the Pokémon are actually rendered in your field of view, or a Rock Band AR title where the note highway is projected, but you can still see what's around you to rock out properly.

Anyone else have thoughts on AR?


  • AR is a cool concept, but it has its limits compared to VR. The developers can create the entire environment you are in, while AR has to either limit where it can be used, or the developers have to work around many different environments.

    I enjoyed some of the AR stuff on my 3Ds but I am not sure how deep of an experience you can have with it. But that could just be because no one has done anything amazing yet with it.
  • Delibird444Delibird444 Opening Act
    Microsoft's HoloLens is still on the horizon, and it's a self-contained AR headset with its own version of Windows 10. Personally, I'm far more excited about the implications of AR instead of VR, as AR has far more practical applications beyond gaming and entertainment.

    Microsoft is pushing HoloLens as a productivity tool, but has also demoed a few lf the ways it can be used in gaming, such as tabletop Minecraft.

    Check it out, if you're interested in AR. This is where the tech is headed!
  • So I just had the opportunity to demo the Microsoft HoloLens for the first time. There's NO wires, like none at all. It's able to evaluate the space of the room you're in, chart the walls, and then create a virtual clipboard or sorts on every surface where you can tack things on to. Granted, the demo space has the perfect shape and dimensions for the headset to function smoothly. I'm curious how it will deal with bigger scaling rooms, odd-shaped spaces, etc.

    It's definitely being pushed as a productivity tool more than anything else. The headset's design seems pretty final, but there's so much more to do with development of the technology itself. It's already come such a long way, and that's no small thing to laugh at. I'm excited to see it used / shown in a broader setting, but it will be quite some time before the headset makes its way to market. VR is definitely the "next step" based on development timelines.
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    I think I did the same demo as Criss! Seconding everything she's said about it.

    I really enjoyed using it and can see a lot of potential from AR/Hololens. Was really fascinated the way it reads the room and creates it as a 3D mesh of it and the way objects can interact with it.
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