Additional Note Highway Lag - Post June Update

This seemed to happen on every song I played this morning (and I still achieved all time high scores...kinda crazy)

So is this an actual problem people are experiencing or just my fail Xbox One and/or External HDD?

Thanks guys!


  • piggythepug91piggythepug91 Opening Act
    PS4, but no lag here. I hope the patch helps you on that.
  • joseph5185joseph5185 Opening Act
    I appreciate the input anyways. The Xbox One is...sad to say the least.

    The new interface has introduced so much delay, nonsensical error messages, occasional freezing and just crashing in general that I forget I'm living in 2016.

    No fault to Rock Band .. None.
  • joseph5185joseph5185 Opening Act
    Just as a follow-up ...

    I played another 20-30 songs this morning and I only had one instance where the highway tripped up.

    I think we are good to close this now.
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