Dance Central series is axed and over with. No more in the future.

Don't expect anymore of this Dance Central series. It's over. Dance Central Spotlight failed miserably and marks the end of the series. Don't check out music games no more. Harmonix doesn't have what it takes to make games anymore.


  • It hurts, but I agree. I was really hopeful for Dance Central to continue with its trend of the first 3 games. Providing us a core game/track list, and then throwing in additional DLC if you wanted. At gaming conventions, you could have tournaments for Dance Central and it was a ton of fun, because a 'base' track list existed and it was obvious that only those tracks could be used. Spotlight was a huge turnoff for me from the series, you couldn't go to a friends and just assume they'd have the same songs available.

    It's possible Dance Central has just run its course too, and simply didn't have enough of a following. I do think a 'Dance Central 4' would have been more successful than spotlight.
  • So sad!! But the same grief was given with Fantasia...
  • It's less of "Harmonix doesn't want to do it" and more of "Xbox killed the Kinect."

    If Kinect\motion gaming ever makes a big resurgence, I bet they'd consider it then. For now? We wait.
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