Karaoke VR

DekieonDekieon Rising Star
So I thinking about what could be a cool VR game, other than just FPS shooter stuff. then I thought what about a karaoke game where you are on stage looking out the eyes of the vocalist. And I though who would be best to make a Karaoke game? Harmonix, that's who!

You can have the single player game start in Karaoke bars singing in front of small crowds, and work your way up to stardom and big arenas, and thousands cheering for you. The great thing about this, is you don't need any fancy controls, and you can also just turn off the VR for those that don't have it or for parties and play it normally in a room full of friends.

Harmonix needs a Karaoke game, so this could be that game with a VR twist for those that have VR!


  • The Karaoke mode in Rock Band is already my favourite Karaoke game and it doesn't even really have a proper Karaoke setup. No question HMX could knock this one out of the park.

    I would also love Karaoke VR but I can see how it's a little, completely insane. If you're channeling music through the headphones it's gonna look super weird to anyone watching. Though if it played a voiceless track over the speakers and teh voice just on the headset it could potentially work as a pass the headset social mode. Maybe.
  • I thought there was a VR karaoke game by HMX out for SamsungVR, or whatever it's called.
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