Next version?

I know this game is no longer getting much attention, which is a shame, since it really is a unique experience. If there is a sequel, it'd be nice to have a hard mode, since even the hard songs aren't particularly tricky (maybe conducting an actual pattern with one hand, cuing with the other? Just saying...), more art music (maybe Pictures at an Exhibition, Holst's The Planets, some of the other, really distinctive music), and the ability to mix and match tracks together - layering them overtop one another or sequencing them in and out. The instrument switching is awesome, but if we could layer in track switching too, that would take this game to the next level.


  • From the goings on at the other forums (including the insiders at Harmonix giving us a look at what they're doing), that is unfortunately not their priority now. =(

    I would give it until January 2017 before they'd even consider making a sequel... :-\
  • I'd give it a zero per cent chance of happening with Microsoft no longer supporting the Kinect.
  • Yeah, Dance Central and Fantasia are dead due to Microsoft abandoning Kinect. You even need a special adapter rather than straight in plug and play for Kinect on Xbox One S.
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