hey i need a band logo, can someone make a logo for me to use for my band?

the name of my band is "Such Great Heights" without the quote marks though. I would love a band name with two anime style girls holding an umbrella in the rain at night with some sort of electric city background, example think of the band the gorillaz and think of Tokyo japan at night all the lights lit up and all that, except some logos or lit up signs in Japanese and some in English. but for an overall generally used logo for my band maybe just the name and a star beside it lit up electric colored with a shadowed background like the text and star have a shadow. Im sure someone can come up with something great. if someone does want to send me something please send it to my email [email protected] and make sure you title the email your band logo that way when I search for it I will be able to easily find it. Any help would be very much appreciated! Thank you!
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