Harmonix is teaming up with Zendesk!

edited July 2016 in Harmonix General
Hey all,

As Harmonix continues to grow, adding more titles to our roster, we’re also growing in our interactions with our customers. With that, we’ve got a shiny new tool for Customer Support called Zendesk! Zendesk integrates some top-notch features both for our community and on the back end. The process will be more streamlined than ever for communicating issues from our customers to our team and vice versa.

Users who still have open tickets in our current Customer Support portal should soon be receiving a message that their ticket is being closed due to this system migration. If you are still experiencing any issues that you originally submitted a ticket for, feel free to open a new ticket within our Zendesk portal so we can help you out!

This is a new Customer Support tool that Harmonix is using, so if you happen to run into any issues during your experience, we’d love to hear your feedback at [email protected]. Thank you, and as always, keep on rocking!

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