Password Reset???

soonerreddsoonerredd Unsigned
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I had to have my password reset and now it won't let me change it. Anyone know anything about this? I had it sent to my email address, and followed the directions. It directed me to click a link and I would be able to do it from there.

The link take me to: which is the same location I get to when I click the edit password link in User CP. When I try to log in on that page, it says "Login successful" and starts to load something, then kicks me out to the link/login page again, saying that I have to be a member to do that...but , if I click on the forum link, it takes me right in and says that I'm logged in!

So the problem here is that I can post to forums (clearly), and pseudo-login, but if I try to click on ANY of the options in User CP, it kicks me out and wants me to login. I just want to change my password!

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