Rock Blog 05/15/07

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I think I am going to change it from Blog Rock to Rock Blog. I like the syntax better - and it is a series of blogs about rock and not a new style of rock music about blogging. I wouldn't listen to that, it sounds awful-

"Talking 'bout my cat
Telling you too much about relationship with my landlooooooooord
My SO's gone, and I went to work, then I made some popcorn
Telling you too much because I am boooooooooooooooored"

It could use some work...

At any rate we have two dev blogs today. First off we have Dan, who follows up last week's blog that taught you how to be a programmer with a new blog about levels of code required to implement a save/load system. Next we have Canfield who gives his top tips for things to do at a rock show. He is even soliciting more tips from you. Don't let him down, he gets surly.




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    I could imagine a very intense fan base around that music. The more obscure the subject the more intense the fan base.

    At the very least you could get some art rock lovers who attempt to layer baseless meaning upon such lyrics.
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