New DLC Week of 2/05/08


  • JetWolfJetWolf Rising Star
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    Aww, "Roam", that's sweet. And but the first of several B-52s, I hope. A no-brainer purchase here.

    The only Faith No More I knew is their 90s Mike Patton-era stuff. So it was a pleasant surprise to find that "We Care a Lot" is actually pretty damned catchy. I love that bassline, and have a soft spot for funk rock. Another winner for me.

    The KISS song I haven't listened to yet. All I know of it is that it's one of their Gene Simmons ones. But I find most KISS turns out to be really fun to play, so I'm in.

    Excellent week as far as I'm concerned. Very much looking forward to Tuesday. :)
  • AdamBomb629AdamBomb629 Road Warrior
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    Kiss anything: Fine with me.

    Roam, I'm there. AWESOME. (Please LOVE SHACK)

    WE CARE A LOT?!?!?!? whoa...think I'll skip it.
  • FatWilmaFatWilma Road Warrior
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    after lookin up these songs up on youtube, i now realize why i wasn't that familiar with them (not very good songs imo). this will probably be the first week i dont purchase at least 1 song...:(
  • LiquidzeroLiquidzero Unsigned
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    Disappointment indeed. Gratz to the fans of these songs, this will probably be the first week I don't buy something. Hopefully next week brings the house down.
  • Dragon_SlayerDragon_Slayer Unsigned
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    Every week there are going to be songs that some people love and some people hate. Buy only the song you like, and you opinion will be heard louder than getting mad on the forums.
    I reall appreciate the diversity going into the DLC, and I am really worried about the lack of diversity in the so called "march DLC." I don't want to believe the list, and i don't because I know you guys do well at secrecy. Hopefully the actually list will be more diverse than just a bunch of trash metal that 10% of the playeres are going to buy.
  • sidman69sidman69 Road Warrior
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    won't be getting anything this week, not the biggest faith no more fan but would've preferred Falling to Pieces.
  • jake18olyjake18oly Unsigned
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    fafa979;299539 said:
    yeah, roam will be fun, but we need to get some more fun songs! i feel like we keep getting a ton of these more obscure songs, when there are so many more better known songs out there that aren't being released! i've bought every song so far, and i really wish i hadn't... it seems if i stay on this path, i'm going to keep buying songs i don't necessarily like... i don't want you to make me feel i'm wasting it... and from the looks of it, march isn't so hot either... i hope the rest of feb brings some BOMBS.
    I agree with you. It seems like they are lately releasing songs from bands I like but the songs aren't very well know. Like the Nine Inch Nails pack due out in March. I like NIN but wish they would have chosen different songs for the song pack.
  • CaptainSmeeCaptainSmee Unsigned
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    hmxsean;299491 said:

    "Roam" by the B-52's

    "We Care A Lot" by Faith No More

    "Calling Dr. Love" by Kiss

    Definitely downloading all 3 songs this week. I love KISS, I'll download anything by them. My fingers are still crossed for the hopes that we might get "Cold Gin" as a download in the future. But I don't know how likely that is being a T rated game.

    I don't even really care for Faith No More but I went and listened to the song on Youtube and this is finally a song I'm happy to download for the bass part, yay! The bass part is fantastic and this song and I'm happy to see it's not being left as an after thought. Want to amp up the bass use in the future I'm suggesting anything FUNK related. Funkadelic, Sly & The Family Stone, Parliament, that's what I want more than anything on Rock Band.

    And then finally, The B-52's!! Roam is a nice, fun song that will be awesome to play a parties because everyone can get into it. And what makes me even more excited about this release? I means they have the rights to the B-52's music, which means "Rock Lobster" could be a potential download in the future. I'm not a religious man but I'll get down on my knees and pray for that one.

    Don't listen to all the crap they talk on these boards guys. Just because their certain genre of music isn't getting released. If you can't appreciate all music in some shape or form, you're missing out. Good releases this week HMX, can't wait to download them tomorrow and give them a go! Peace.
  • GuitoorbenchiGuitoorbenchi Opening Act
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    pretty good. Will definately be picking up "Calling Dr. Love". The others, i'll have to see the tracks to decide.
  • TouweTouwe Road Warrior
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    if u were gonna do the b52s you probably should have done Rock Lobster, now that i would have been excited for
  • meltphacemeltphace Unsigned
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    Faith No More, one of my all-time fav groups, and you guys pick a novelty song from the Chuck Mosely era?? my god that depresses me. now I feel as though we'll never see good (Mike Patton) FNM...

    Midlife Crisis
    Everything's Ruined

  • el_dandyel_dandy Unsigned
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    No matter what Harmonix puts out there are going to be a lot of people on here complaining every week. I'll just say I will be getting 2 songs this week(We Care A Lot and Calling Dr. Love), more than I have gotten in any single week yet(excluding the first week when 15 songs were released).
  • razmataz87razmataz87 Unsigned
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    Sweet we finally get more kiss and a great song at that
  • MycoolMycool Opening Act
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    "Calling Dr. Love" is a definite buy for me. This one should be a blast for the whole band to play. Don't like either of the other 2 though, so I will pass on those.

    More KISS!!!!!!
  • DRH_PaulyBoyDRH_PaulyBoy Unsigned
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    yay another week where i can save my MS points for something more invigorating. these past couple weeks have been weak (minus Working man) i love HMX for putting out DLC every week but dudes something that will appeal the older metal heads please. hell def lep or some old 80s rock anything. Kiss is not my thing so dont say DL kiss. When the hell are we getting the Black album i need some full albums.
  • BattlestarBattlestar Opening Act
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    All 3 are a buy for me.... just gotta get some more points ;)
  • bolistikbolistik Unsigned
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    thanks HMX for adding another track with female vocals. However, i have no interest of d/l any of this weeks tracks.
  • jr174200jr174200 Road Warrior
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    Well, it has officially happened ...

    My interest in DLC has waned.

    As an owner of 30+ DLC songs, I'm done trying to feign excitement over songs I'm simply not excited for. I just don't see who these songs are for, and coupled with the fact that March's tentative list is full of songs not for me (I'm fine with weeks like thrash pack since it has fans, although I'll avoid it) I simply don't understand this week at all.

    I have too vast of a musical spectrum to have 3 singles all appear bland to me, but that's the case here.

    And I'm sorry if I'm being "lame" or "complaining" but I've never said anything like this before and I feel bad doing it, but seriously ... the DLC has hit a wall for me.

    I guess I'll just sit back and hope something exciting comes next week and changes my tune. Man, I'm pretty bummed right now.
  • 5grahams5grahams Unsigned
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    I'm loving the variety this week. I'm so excited about having another female song to sing. I personally LOVE We Care A Lot! My husband is a fan of the Kiss song so I guess we'll get that one too. I like finding out the DLC on Monday's but all the whining is getting terribly old. I wasn't fond of last week's songs, they weren't my cup of tea (yay for those of you who loved it)but I wasn't on here complaining about it. This week is stuff I am totally excited about it. Honestly, be patient and wait, they seem to change it up week to week. We get way more than I could ever ask for, 3 new songs every week, and I for one am grateful. Thanks HMX!
  • Tenacious_BTenacious_B Opening Act
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    I've downloaded ALL of the DLC so far and have been impressed with almost all of it. However, these bands are by far on the opposite spectrum of what i like to call music. I'm all for variety but Kiss? KISS!?? I don't even know if I'll be downloading any of these. Can we PLEASE get some newer music? Like for the females, I think Paramore - "CrushCrushCrush" or "Misery Business" would be terrific, even some more Flyleaf, Evanescence or Lacuna Coil. For the guys, some Disturbed or Breaking Benjamin or something.
  • UltraceUltrace Road Warrior
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    CrazyIvan;299526 said:
    And Roam? Seriously? I'm really hoping this one was chosen to get some more female singers in the mix. Otherwise... well... That's the first one that made me scratch my head. I'm all for mixing up the genres and keeping us on our toes in guessing what DLC is coming next... but that one's doesn't feel like "Rock Band" to me.
    Sorry, gotta disagree there. Roam is a rock song. Is it as heavy as metal? No. Is it light? Sure, but that doesn't make it pop (which, sadly, I think the Go-Go's would fall into.) I'd classify it as much rock as "Orange Crush" (which I also enjoy in the game) -- I definitely agree that the choice may have been made to include more female singers, but it definitely belongs in Rock Band. As always with DLC, the best part is if it really doesn't fit your vision of the game, you don't have to add it. :)
  • Pinworm45Pinworm45 Unsigned
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    My least favourite DLC week so far, but keep em coming never the less.
  • juiceman23juiceman23 Opening Act
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    meh not the best...
  • RBrafterRBrafter Opening Act
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    Glad theres another female vocals song added to the list.

    That Faith No More song suuuuuucks LOL.
  • juiceman23juiceman23 Opening Act
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    meh not the best...
  • ZakuenZakuen Opening Act
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    meltphace;299565 said:

    Faith No More, one of my all-time fav groups, and you guys pick a novelty song from the Chuck Mosely era?? my god that depresses me. now I feel as though we'll never see good (Mike Patton) FNM...
    Quoted for truth and agreement :( Same goes for the announced NIN songs... these are my two favorite bands ever, but I really don't understand the song choices sometimes given how many options there are with these particular bands.
  • dominojaxdominojax Unsigned
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    Nice to see Roam on there! My wife has been wanting to see some more girl songs.
  • QuastorQuastor Rising Star
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    What? No Gram Parsons with or without the Flying Burrito Brothers? Laaaaaaaame.

    Alt Country needs to represent!

    //still buying this weeks songs
  • dmxkorndmxkorn Banned
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    Here's A Shock They Suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • emollamasemollamas Opening Act
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    Yawn... Looks like I wont be needing to rush out and get that 2nd guitar this week.
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