New DLC Week of 2/05/08


  • BattlestarBattlestar Opening Act
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    All 3 are a buy for me.... just gotta get some more points ;)
  • bolistikbolistik Unsigned
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    thanks HMX for adding another track with female vocals. However, i have no interest of d/l any of this weeks tracks.
  • jr174200jr174200 Road Warrior
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    Well, it has officially happened ...

    My interest in DLC has waned.

    As an owner of 30+ DLC songs, I'm done trying to feign excitement over songs I'm simply not excited for. I just don't see who these songs are for, and coupled with the fact that March's tentative list is full of songs not for me (I'm fine with weeks like thrash pack since it has fans, although I'll avoid it) I simply don't understand this week at all.

    I have too vast of a musical spectrum to have 3 singles all appear bland to me, but that's the case here.

    And I'm sorry if I'm being "lame" or "complaining" but I've never said anything like this before and I feel bad doing it, but seriously ... the DLC has hit a wall for me.

    I guess I'll just sit back and hope something exciting comes next week and changes my tune. Man, I'm pretty bummed right now.
  • 5grahams5grahams Unsigned
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    I'm loving the variety this week. I'm so excited about having another female song to sing. I personally LOVE We Care A Lot! My husband is a fan of the Kiss song so I guess we'll get that one too. I like finding out the DLC on Monday's but all the whining is getting terribly old. I wasn't fond of last week's songs, they weren't my cup of tea (yay for those of you who loved it)but I wasn't on here complaining about it. This week is stuff I am totally excited about it. Honestly, be patient and wait, they seem to change it up week to week. We get way more than I could ever ask for, 3 new songs every week, and I for one am grateful. Thanks HMX!
  • Tenacious_BTenacious_B Opening Act
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    I've downloaded ALL of the DLC so far and have been impressed with almost all of it. However, these bands are by far on the opposite spectrum of what i like to call music. I'm all for variety but Kiss? KISS!?? I don't even know if I'll be downloading any of these. Can we PLEASE get some newer music? Like for the females, I think Paramore - "CrushCrushCrush" or "Misery Business" would be terrific, even some more Flyleaf, Evanescence or Lacuna Coil. For the guys, some Disturbed or Breaking Benjamin or something.
  • UltraceUltrace Road Warrior
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    CrazyIvan;299526 said:
    And Roam? Seriously? I'm really hoping this one was chosen to get some more female singers in the mix. Otherwise... well... That's the first one that made me scratch my head. I'm all for mixing up the genres and keeping us on our toes in guessing what DLC is coming next... but that one's doesn't feel like "Rock Band" to me.
    Sorry, gotta disagree there. Roam is a rock song. Is it as heavy as metal? No. Is it light? Sure, but that doesn't make it pop (which, sadly, I think the Go-Go's would fall into.) I'd classify it as much rock as "Orange Crush" (which I also enjoy in the game) -- I definitely agree that the choice may have been made to include more female singers, but it definitely belongs in Rock Band. As always with DLC, the best part is if it really doesn't fit your vision of the game, you don't have to add it. :)
  • Pinworm45Pinworm45 Unsigned
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    My least favourite DLC week so far, but keep em coming never the less.
  • juiceman23juiceman23 Opening Act
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  • RBrafterRBrafter Opening Act
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    Glad theres another female vocals song added to the list.

    That Faith No More song suuuuuucks LOL.
  • juiceman23juiceman23 Opening Act
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  • ZakuenZakuen Opening Act
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    meltphace;299565 said:

    Faith No More, one of my all-time fav groups, and you guys pick a novelty song from the Chuck Mosely era?? my god that depresses me. now I feel as though we'll never see good (Mike Patton) FNM...
    Quoted for truth and agreement :( Same goes for the announced NIN songs... these are my two favorite bands ever, but I really don't understand the song choices sometimes given how many options there are with these particular bands.
  • dominojaxdominojax Unsigned
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    Nice to see Roam on there! My wife has been wanting to see some more girl songs.
  • QuastorQuastor Rising Star
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    What? No Gram Parsons with or without the Flying Burrito Brothers? Laaaaaaaame.

    Alt Country needs to represent!

    //still buying this weeks songs
  • dmxkorndmxkorn Banned
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    Here's A Shock They Suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • emollamasemollamas Opening Act
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    Yawn... Looks like I wont be needing to rush out and get that 2nd guitar this week.
  • AgnusDeiAgnusDei Unsigned
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    I'll jump all over the B 52's but I could take or leave the others(though it is good to see another track from Faith No More. Still holding out for something else from The Killers, or Fall Out Boy....I would give up a body part for Sugar We're Going Down or even Swing, Swing from AAR.
  • GlassPrisonerGlassPrisoner Opening Act
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    I really hope if they ever release another B-52s track it's Love Shack and not Rock Lobster...
  • meck77meck77 Road Warrior
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    Excellent job HMX. 50+ songs in 3 months. Theres no way to pinpoint everyones likes and dislikes, but you gotta admit there is alot of different music to choose from. There is alot of songs I would like to see and may or may not actually see them. For me to to have so many to choose from is awesome. Got guitar hero II and III, combined I think I have 24 songs, some good and some bad but nevertheless being able to choose from over 50 just 3 months into the game. phenominal. HMX keep bringing them, I dont care if I like them all the time or not, I do like the knowing that there is 3 more to choose from next week. Calling Dr.Love absolutely kicks AZZ. cant wait to play it tom. Keep up the good work:)
  • burble07burble07 Unsigned
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    Awesome.. I'll probably get all 3 this week.
  • DU_DonkeyDU_Donkey Unsigned
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    padreswin;299521 said:
    Not an amazing list of tracks, but could be worse... At least it's not a thrash pack!
    You sir, are mistaken. Thrash pack will be the greatest DLC released.
  • DogbiteDogbite Unsigned
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    Hey Kudos to you guys for putting in more songs with female vocals. I don't know if its a priority for you guys to have a good stable of songs with chick vocals but I think it can only be a good thing and I hope when there is enogh you can throw out an update that will allow you to play a tour with a songlist of only femal vocal songs. my gf would appreciate it, not cause she loves to sing but rather not hear me sing.

    and keep up the awesome variety. I think its defiently the ecclectic mix that is making rockband truly enjoyable
  • XenoburstXenoburst Opening Act
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    Quastor;299588 said:
    What? No Gram Parsons with or without the Flying Burrito Brothers? Laaaaaaaame.

    Alt Country needs to represent!

    //still buying this weeks songs
    Quoted for win.
  • toad3000toad3000 Road Warrior
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    Definitely excited about Roam. It may not be the most exciting Rock Band track out there, but it's fun and will give the ladies something to sing. And yeah, this may open the door for more B-52's...
    As far as the other two, I gave them a listen on Youtube and will probably pick them up. I'll know more after checking out the charts tomorrow courtesy of the devoted 360 owners (thanks guys!)
  • ZoopZoop Opening Act
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    Noooo Kiss. Oh well. I'll buy the B-52s, at least. Poor song selection on FNM.
  • DvlosDvlos Unsigned
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    Oh Em Gee HARMONIX why don't you read my mind and provide me with all my favorite songs?!dont youknow that my favorite songs are everyones favorite songs?!?



    - My favorite obscure indie band that plays songs using a kazoo, 2 tuning forks, and a harpsicord
    - My favorite well known rock band that refuses to give the rights of their song to anyone unless they pay 5 million dollars per note.
    - My favorite obscure B-side song from my completely unpopular garage band.

    COME ON HARMONIZZ YOU OBVIOUSLY DON'T UNDERSTAND THAT ROCK BAND was supposed to appeal to a NICHE GROUP OF ELITE LOSERS that equate musical preference as a way to express SOCIAL/INTELLECTUAL SUPERIORITY, this isn't some MAINSTREAM game with WIDE APPEAL.

    /end sarcastic rant
  • N0okYN0okY Unsigned
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    Damn , very poor selection.

    possibly buy B-52's but.... i prefer waiting more popular songs

    Linkin Park
    Guns n Rose
    Moetley Crue
    Kicking Harold - Gasoline


    wake up if you want my money :D:D
  • edited February 2008
    All DLC is good DLC....choices are good.

    Having said that....Dr. Love is a must for me but I won't be purchasing the other two.

    thanks Harmonix

    They call me.................DOCTOR LOVE
  • meck77meck77 Road Warrior
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    Whats the chance of getting some 80's glam rock
    Slaughter-up all night
    Motley Crue-DR. feelgood
    Ratt-round and round
    Def leppard-and any all
    Europe-the final countdown
    Quite riot and Twisted sister
  • 5grahams5grahams Unsigned
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    ROFLMAO!!! Dvlos that was freaking hysterical!
  • CheezeeatrCheezeeatr Opening Act
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    decent songs this week, will be picking up Kiss, still undecided on FNM.
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