Are you supposed to tip your guitar instructor?

MattyVanHalenMattyVanHalen Unsigned
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Not sure if youre supposed to tip your guitar instructor or not? Haha, anyone know the answer? I thought this would be the perfect place to ask, figuring some random people from RB might know this, and my friend wants to know.

I guessed no, but I have no clue, I've never taken lessons. Thanks!


  • FallenAceFallenAce Eater of Fine Cheeses
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    I think when you tip him, it activates his Overdrive, so you might want to wait until he has enough and he has a high multiplier already.
  • topperharleytopperharley Son of Statler and Waldorf
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    My guess (not certain myself) is that maybe every now and then you may want to give your instructor a tip (assuming he or she is good), but if you were taking weekly or every-other-week lessons, it would get really expensive to tip every week.

    And after the first lesson would seem kinda silly. "Thanks for teaching me a few simple chords and Hot Cross Buns - here's an extra fiver for ya."
  • HeavyMetalKingHeavyMetalKing Road Warrior
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    Hot Cross Buns? What kinda *** ass teacher did you have? Mine started off teaching me hardcore songs--The Itsy Bitsy Spider and Mary Had A Little Lamb. Oh yeah. \m/

    I agree with topperharley about the tipping thing.

    EDIT: I love that I can say ass, but g4y is censored.
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