Want to join a Rivals Crew? Post your stats here!


  • MollyhatchetMollyhatchet Unsigned
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    vacancy filled
  • KshunkaKshunka Unsigned
    Trying to not waste my money on the rivals dlc. Like to play guitar on hard. Can play drums too. Over 500 dlc.
  • sklus20sklus20 Unsigned
    Xbox Crew Surreal Direction looking for some members. Vocalist and drums would be great, but really could use anything. Have 6 spots available. PM me if interested.
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    Looking for a crew to join preferably one that's laid back but wanting to get to blood i have 500+ DLC I only have the rb3 export however. My stats are posted in the picture below
  • Xbox gt, Count Waesche
    Expert pro drums once the adapter is out
    Expert bass
    Hard, expert guitar
    Over 900 songs

    Prefer more casual play, and planning on playing often </blockqu

  • Xbox one player looking to play online with people Expert vocals bass drums guitar
  • I have created a crew for xbox one players on the casual side but like to play online together message me Raider145 if you want in
    I have 500 songs
    Raider145 Expert Drums Vocals Bass Guitar
  • Looking to join a crew. Would prefer it to be more casual oriented but I can go for whatever. I am best at expert guitar/bass but I can get through most songs on expert drums as well. Only have about 230 songs at the moment but I am definitely going to get more. My GT is the same as my username on here. Looking forward to playing. Cheers.
  • sklus20sklus20 Unsigned
    Lord Rainbow - Just sent you an invite.
  • thatmarkguythatmarkguy Road Warrior
    PS4 Diamond-level crew has a member that hasn't been seen or heard in recent weeks (0 songs played this past week and, I believe, the week before), so we probably should set about looking for a replacement. We were in diamond last week and stayed safe even with only 9 members contributing; both XP and Spotlight were above 50%.

    Ideal candidate can put up spotlight scores on guitar, as my ~932 skill is the best we've got and our weakest link. We already have drums and vocals covered with 970+ skill players.

    Failing that, XP contribution would be nice. Last week we had 2 contributors over 30K, another 2 in the 20s, and another 2 in the teens. (And a long-weekend-vacation for me this weekend means I'm not likely duplicating my 20k this upcoming week).

    Inquire by private message here.
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    The crew "scrapyard" is looking for members, xbone
  • LurvenLurven Unsigned
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    PS4 Drummer/bass player seeking crew.
    Im in a diamond crew now but i think its too casual, too many player not helping.
    Drums 842
    Bass 929
    Guitar 848
    i have some dlc but no exports:(
    PSN ID: Allsvinn
  • thatmarkguythatmarkguy Road Warrior
    What's your PSN ID? It isn't "Lurven".
  • LurvenLurven Unsigned

    What's your PSN ID? It isn't "Lurven".

    Sorry, its Allsvinn.
  • thatmarkguythatmarkguy Road Warrior
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    The searcher-inviter won't let me find you because you're still in a crew right now. You need to withdraw from your crew to be able to be sent an invite.

    Withdraw, send a request to join thatforumcrew, and I should be able to accept from smartphone at work today. Our crew is at Diamond right now and presently 48th percentile. We could really use an XP pinch hitter today to get to 50 and stay in diamond for a third straight week.
  • I need help getting trophies. Help please. Add lolwut666
  • Casual X Box Rivals Crew Inviting New Members - We don't care what instrument you play, what your skill level is, or how much you play, you heard that right. What we are looking for are mature folks who enjoy playing Rivals and for whatever reason have not been able to hook up with a crew. We currently have three members and are Platinum.
  • Newly formed crew of refugees from a diamond crew looking for expert guitar/bass or drums players. Looking to regain former glory. Consistent play needed, also going for achievements. You should own most exports Xbox one, PM here or on Xbox to apply.
  • chebelbschebelbs Unsigned
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  • Platinum band looking for crew to join the DARBY BLACKGUARDS. Drummer in particular, but also help with spot-light songs, and vocals or expert guitar. I can kick in 40K-50K a week in XP, but it's not enough to do more than survive at Platinum. If you want to join up and hopefully advance, please message me and I'll send you an invite. Gamer tag ILL_SUE_U_1996 on Xbox. Thanks! P.S. Someone who likes Metal would be so great. I really have trouble on the Metal weeks :)
  • StevenBStevenB Unsigned

    We're a solid Platinum tier crew with 2 spots open. We don't really care what instrument you're good at as long as your skill is 700+ and you're willing to play a few songs a week.
    Platform: PS4

    Or send me a message through PSNID: Beaujon85
  • Looking for a crew to play with! I'm a professional bass player Irl, but I bought rockband for the drums. I play expert on all instruments in game. Rest of pro drum kit is otw in the mail, add me on ps4!
    Psn: Cfourth
  • Casto21Casto21 Rock and Roll Statistician
    Casual Xbox drummer looking for a crew

    Screen shot of stats.

  • Handfull of Peter has four spots left, any instruments welcome but would love to find an active vocalist to help with the spot light songs. We are xbox one.

    I'm a pro drummer skill 922 with over 250 songs, we have an expert drummer at 983, expert guitar 969, expert bass 958. We are casual but a few of us are pretty active so if interested feel free to send an invite.
  • cbrady12345cbrady12345 Unsigned
    XBOX 1
    GT- SuperBra28

    Expert Guitar with a song library around the 900 mark! Already in a crew but happy to
  • BookerBooker Rising Star
    Casual Xbox Platinum crew with 1 slot free. Happy to take any instrument/difficulty level. Message me at S F Booker for an invite.
  • I need members for my PS4 crew.
    Currently it's only me at gold tier. Only thing preventing me from ranking up to platinum right now is the XP requirement.
    I play drums with 975 skill rating and I'm looking for people of similar skill level on any instrument, like 950+, that will actively contribute.
    Add me on PSN @ Recreatee if interested in joining.
  • thatmarkguythatmarkguy Road Warrior
    Post like the above always kinda puzzle me. If you've got high skill but are alone in a crew, there are two basic courses of action: seek to join a crew that already has a bunch of XP earners, or recruit people to join you. Only one of the two is insane. One of the two involves one person changing plans to benefit nine others. And one includes nine people changing their plans to benefit one other.
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