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  • Hey Chebelbs. We have room for you in our crew if your interested. We are in platinum and in line right now to promote to diamond again. We need some help with guitar on the spotlights and we might be able to settle into diamond. Escape Insanity is the crew. We have several active members. Hit me up here or send a request if you're interested. Thanks and hope to see you in the crew.
  • Looks like another week when if I could only drum better, I would be in line for promotion to Diamond tier. So if you are someone who can drum on Hard or (gasp) Expert on the Spot Light songs, join my crew and we could probably go up a notch and maybe stay there. I check the other bands on experience, and even though my crew is only me and they are 6-10 members each, I'm fighting them for 80-85 percentile regularly in the Platinum tier. Would someone like to join up and move to Diamond with me? B) My XBOX ONE tag is ILL SUE U 1996. Or message me here. Darby Blackguards is the band. Thanks!
  • BaresrBaresr Unsigned
    My crew seems to be losing interest in the challenges so I thought I would reach out and see if I could help another reach a new level.

    Xbox one
    Pro drummer
    1,791 songs in library
    Skill 783 and climbing
    XP between 15,000-25,000 weekly depending on my work and vacation time
    Not an elite player on Spotlight - I get gold stars on the easier songs, 99-100% on hard on the harder songs. Mid to upper 90's on hard on the most difficult songs.
    Use the App for tracking progress and chat
  • BARESR, Is that your gamer tag on Xbox? I'll send you an invitation tonight if I can locate you through the Find Players thing in the game. I don't do the App, is that a deal breaker?
  • Does anyone know, if you leave your own band and join another crew, do you keep the lifetime points you have already earned? Do you earn more as you go along with the new crew, or is the leader of the crew the only one who gets the points? If all the crew members earn lifetime points, is it shared equally or based on your contributions? Just curious in case anyone knows. Thanks! Joe p.s. I assume, if you do leave your own band, it falls off the list. Is it disbanded immediately or does it fall one level a week and end up at the bottom of Bronze? B)
    If you leave a crew and you are the leader it is disbanded unless you transfer leadership first.
  • Theclincher32Theclincher32 Unsigned
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    Gamertag: hpx5
    I pretty much only play guitar and bass. I used to be able to play pretty much every song on expert but stopped playing for a long time and am trying to pick it up again. I actually prefer playing bass over guitar and can currently play most songs on expert.
  • Xbox Platinum crew needs 3 members.

    We are a laid back have fun crew but really want to get on Diamond and stay there. Or maybe even get a trophy. Lol
    A few of our members dont have time to play every week.
    Hoping to get another one or two that like to grind. :smile:

    Dainty Li'l Beasts - you can send a request or message me and I will invite you.

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  • kill_logickill_logic Unsigned
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    PS4 Crew Castrate The Nun is looking for an expert/pro drummer. We have been in bloodstone etc.. We are gonna start competitive play on next week's challenge earning medals etc.. from bottom tier up. We also need a second player bass prefaberly. Both spots need lots of dlc. 900+ skill level, 2 members left crew due to busy home schedules. We are a good group and we talk a lot through rb4. App. Message kill_logic for further details. We are competitive but all have home lives so not looking for a 24 7 commitment. Just someone who loves to play and plays a lot. You need to contribute to crews success however. We have finished out a 9th place in bloodstone so we are a top competitive crew when playing.
  • PS4 drummer over here. Skill level 998. Everyone is pretty much leaving the crew I'm in, so I'd rather jump of the ship before it sinks.
  • TheEnzoTheEnzo Unsigned
    Starting a new casual laid back crew. YEARS OF DYSTOPIA. PS4 Msg TheEnzo if interested. All welcome.
  • TheEnzoTheEnzo Unsigned
    Sorry disregard last post.Things changed
  • patl175patl175 Unsigned

    PS4 drummer over here. Skill level 998. Everyone is pretty much leaving the crew I'm in, so I'd rather jump of the ship before it sinks.

    If you're still looking for a Crew i would really like you to join mine so far im the only one drumming in my band and its not my speciality im only playing at hard, i Play mainly guitar and bass, my Crew is Personal Vendetta and we are trying to reach platinum so you'd be welcome and to Everyone else looking to join a ps4 Crew we still have a few spots left my psn ID is patou_my add me
    [XB1] The Wrecking Crue has openings on both of our crews for dedicated players.

    The Wrecking Crue, XB1's number one bloodstone crew and lifetime rivals points leader needs one active XP contributor. Skill level/instrument doesn't matter.

    The Hawkes is in need of a high skill drummer who can set spotlight scores and contribute XP as well as non-spotlight members who are active. Skill level/instrument doesn't matter except for drummer, prefer +990.

    Both crews are currently in Bloodstone and positioned 1st and 2nd overall for the last challenge. We have a joint discord and interact together in a mature and friendly environment.

    If you are interested please send message. On XBL: vVv RJUCPU, on Rivals Discord: RJUCPU
  • PS4 - Diamond Crew seeks 1 new member

    We're a pretty casual crew, but we have some high skill members, so we've been steady in diamond since December (except one week, when nobody wanted to buy the DLC). Our best drummer has a skill of 996, our vocalist is 1000, and our best guitar is 967.

    One of our spotlight guitar/bass players has left us to play with online friends, so another high level guitar/bass player would be preferred.

    Crew name: Gang of Wanderers
    Please reply here or PSN: Quercus2010

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    Help! My Xbox Diamond crew Modern Day Warriors woke up this morning to find that our two most productive XP grinders and our longtime Spotlight drummer have all left our crew with barely any notice. We were 4,000 Spotlight points away from achieving Bloodstone last week. Now, we may have to think about settling down for good in Platinum.

    Ordinarily, I would post who and what we need moving forward; however, beggars can't be choosers. At this point, I'll take anybody. Message me here or on Xbox. Gamertag "iambthewalrus".
  • IAMBTHEWALRUS - How much are you looking for from an XP grinder? Also, do you have another drummer besides the spotlight drummer who left?
  • LaylaRhiannon, I cannot ask anybody for a certain number of XP. I don't think that's the right way to lead a team. The people who left would play upwards of 150-200 songs in a typical week. That level of play is irreplaceable. But I would love to have people who enjoy playing and playing a lot. I grind, one other in my group grinds and everybody else plays as they can. One of our remaining drummers is our best player on guitar, bass and drums, but I cannot ask him to do anymore than he already does. The other drummer is my other grinder, who puts up five stars and 100 songs a week, but can't do Spotlight.
  • I'm looking to join a more avid crew on ps4.
    My psn is Failure1Light, I have a 982 skill on drums
    I can play bass or guitar on expert as well but not as good. I have 220+ songs. Send me a message if you need a member.
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    Hey Xbox one players!!!
    Looking to join a crew!!!!

    Hard/Expert vocalist
    Hard guitar

    671 DLC songs

    Gamer tag: Elmstreetkid420
  • Hey Elmstreetkid420! Would love to have you in my crew. The Darby Blackguards - Platinum last few months. Do you drum by any chance? My gamer tag is ILL SUE U 1996
  • tdc002tdc002 Road Warrior
    If anybody on Xbox One is looking to join a crew, I've got one called Dope Friends. Especially looking for drummers and vocalists.
  • patl175patl175 Unsigned
    Ps4 Crew Personal Vendetta looking for singers and drummers add me patou_my we are platinum / diamond tier but would need some help to stay in diamond
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    I play on a regular basis, I'm pretty average at Rockband 4 Rivals. I only play guitar but I am a dude who can grind out some XP. I have 1,081 songs and counting. Psn: bloodloss9050. I'm willing to try vocals on some songs as well.
  • Platform: Xbox One

    Tier: Diamond

    Members: 8/10

    Need: XP Grinders (any instrument, any skill)

    Crew Name: Peppercorn Bing Bong

    My GT: The Never Ender
  • Guitar Expert Gamertag Xbox one: jack mayfire81

    Remember the gap between jack and may!
  • PS4 Guitarist: drumminskillz
    Top 1000 overall, looking to join a crew.
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    Hello! my gamer tag: stalahoo. I'm a strong bass/guitar player and am expert on the mic! I am new to rivals but I have been playing rock band for some time now. I have an XBOX ONE and am currently on level 17. I have been trying to find friends to play with. I also have 165 songs I bough of basically every genre. If any one wants to play please let me know! Anything I missed, which I'm sure I did, just ask! Thanks B)
  • patricide1979patricide1979 Unsigned
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    Xbox one Crew, THE CHIPMUNKS, looking for 3 members to fill out our crew.
    Diamond crew.

    Update: Now looking for 2 members. We have two amazing guitarists now, one of whom is also a very good drummer. We could use amazing drummer (above 900 skill if you are out there). We also are not picky, if you are fun and are active, I am sure you would be a nice fit regardless of instrument and skill. Send your request now and help us rock out to 90s tunes.
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