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  • "Great South Urn Band" on X-Bone are recruiting.

    One crew spot left.

    If you have a pulse and play sometimes, request an invite, we will bite...
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    CTNun crew [PS4] - 12th in seasonal ranking is looking for 1 member!

    Hello RB Players, Grinders, Spotlighters and all who love this game as we are.

    Our crew (currently Diamond) looking for one new member.
    We are looking for one more grinder - any kind of instrument - of any skill, who will be able to contribute 30k xp per week.

    Our crew is very friendly! We love this game, we love to chat. We are playing full band online gigs almost every day.
    Crew has elite singer, elite strings (995), more then decent spotlights drummer (994) and many high skilled grinders!
    Join us! We want to build something big here and we need one more active member!
    We love to struggle with weekly challanges and fight for best results. But concurently we fully respect our real life duties, so if you are looking for very competitive crew but with lower preasure, we are great crew for you!.

    We are contrubiting as crew about 350k - 500k xp each week so we are really active. If you love to play Rock Band our crew is great place for you!

    if you are interested, pls send me friend request, i will answer any questions you have and we can talk about details!

    looking forward,
    lets create something big together!

    psn: imm0rtallCh1ld
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    Anybody want to add to my crew on psn, let me know. I am currently on Platinum level by myself but added players/points will be necessary to advance further.

    I am upper 700's on Bass and climbing so you don't need to be an expert by any means. Just play for fun and get benefit of extra crew members XP.

    Edit - I've found a crew so no longer need a crew.
  • PSN: kingtitan909
    Instrument: Guitar/Bass (main), vox and drums (for fun)

    I'm searching for a PS4 crew to join and help grind XP. I've been away most of the summer so I'll be a little rusty at first, but you can always count on a full effort.
  • @kingtitan909,
    We would be happy to welcome you into our crew Metalheads Unite. Check out out stats and send a request to join.
  • Ghost of the Navigator (XB1) has two spots open that we'd love to fill. It'd be great if you're an expert-level player, but anyone is welcome.

    We're an easy-going bunch - no pressure to play online or even communicate regularly (or at all, really) if that's not your thing. Participation is what's important. We're in the top 1% of crews, currently at Diamond. Wanting to make the push to Bloodstone if we can.

    If you're interested, hit me up or request an invitation. If not, no worries. Onward and (hopefully) upward.
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    Phantom Limb Anger is looking for members to make the push to Bloodstone. I am on Plat now so we could do it in the next two weeks. (Maybe...)
    I am expert guitar (804) and bass (878) with medium drums and easy vocals. Currently in the promotion zone for this week's challenge by 95% (though it is early).
    Let me know!

    Oh, PS4.
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    Cellar Dwellers is looking for members to join our crew on PS4. We currently have 3 members, bass, guitar, drums. We are in the top 6% in the current rivals competition and love rocking out. Send us an invite!
  • Drifter With A Milky Eye - XB1 current Bloodstone crew has one opening. We are social, competitive and our only rule is that you make an honest effort each week. The spot won't last long so if you are interested hit me up via message here.
  • Whatsamasibling?! - XB1, ranked 69, is looking for 2 more to break through to Bloodstone

    Currently on the cusp of promotion (84%) with 95% in spotlight score, we have a need for 2 more people to drop in and work up some xp for our final push into Bloodstone.

    Since our spotlights are filled out, the only requirement is that you can play the game, preferably at Expert for the best xp gain.
    Instrumentwise another Drummer or Singer would be best, since we have less of those they'll have the lowest amount of plays.

    Contact me here through PM or comment, or ingame on my Gamertag EvilOverlord
  • dart580dart580 Unsigned
    I'm searching for a PS4 crew to join and help grind XP, always play and i have some dlc.
    Psn id: dart580
    Instrument: drums-vocals
  • patl175patl175 Unsigned
    dart580 said:

    I'm searching for a PS4 crew to join and help grind XP, always play and i have some dlc.
    Psn id: dart580
    Instrument: drums-vocals

    Did you find a crew yet? Add me if you want friends to play Patou_My and my crew is My Beloved Zombie but we are full at the moment, if a spot was to become available i could invite you to join
  • dart580 said:

    I'm searching for a PS4 crew to join and help grind XP, always play and i have some dlc.
    Psn id: dart580
    Instrument: drums-vocals

    our crew is league of beasts 2, please send a join request
  • dart580 said:

    I'm searching for a PS4 crew to join and help grind XP, always play and i have some dlc.
    Psn id: dart580
    Instrument: drums-vocals

    We have an open spot if you're still looking. My crew is Escape Insanity. We really could use someone on vocals.

    Any other vocalists looking for a spot shoot me a message.

    My son is FOREVERTHEMAN3
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    That should say my psn is FOREVERTHEMAN3.
    I'm not my son. lol. Spell check on my phone got me yet again.

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    Sorry about that.
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    Last time I'm going to bother everyone with this:
    Phantom Limb Anger on PS4 is looking for members to attempt Bloodstone. Diamond crew in the top 9% of crews, so I'm looking for grinders for the last week push. I do not care about skill level, just that you would put in work during the final week of the season.
  • Vastly Superior Slime Lords looking for members to contribute with XP (and spotlight songs are welcome too). Your skill doesn't matter. There are 5 open spots. Send us a request and I'll add you.

    My PSN is AF39xx

    Our crew is in Diamond, top 2% and we are planning to get the other 2 spotlight songs every week.
  • Drifter With A Milky eye XBox1 Bloodstone Crew looking for a 10th member for Season 2, no **** rules, you have an honest effort each week and treat our awesome crew with respect that is all that we ask. We did not fall into Bloodstone, we earned it. Hit me up before we take our 16 day holiday prior to Season 2.
  • suspect_uksuspect_uk Unsigned
    Hi all,

    We r a PS4 crew that made Bloodstone. We require a new vocalist and drummer, mostly for spotlight scores. We have a lot of fun and regularly play online. We r aiming to make Bloodstone again in season 2. If your interested pose message me, suspectuk.
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    The Wrecking Crue has openings on casual satellite crew!

    XBone’s # 1 crew is looking to add to our family. We currently have open spots on one of our casual satellite crews. We finished Season 1 with 4 crews in Bloodstone. If you’re just starting out or looking for a change take a look below, we may have something for you!

    The Wrecking Crue /WC - (Currently no open positions - FULL)
    This is our highly competitive crew. Minimum XP requirement of 50-75k per challenge. Goal: 1st Place. Current Lifetime Rivals points leader on XB1 as well as Season 0 and Season 1 winner.

    4th Time’s a Charm /WC - (Currently no open positions - FULL)
    Semi-competitive crew. Minimum XP requirement of 15k per challenge. Goal: Bloodstone week 6 and top 10-15 on Season Rivals points.

    Deez Knuts /WC
    - (Open Positions - NEED 3-4)
    Very casual crew. Minimum XP requirement of 5-10k per challenge. Goal: Reach bloodstone by the end of the season without the grind. Ranking unimportant.

    Snicklefritz /WC - (Currently no open positions - FULL)
    Casual crew. Goal: Bloodstone by week 7.

    Minutes to Midnight /WC - (*New Crew* Currently no open positions - FULL)
    New semi-competitive crew. Minimum XP requirement of 20k per week. Looking for XP specialists as well as spotlight contributors. Goal: Bloodstone week 6 and top 10-15 on Season Rivals Points.

    All crews operate independently of each other but share a Discord server where we interact, chat, goof off, support each other, share tips, brag, etc. We are a community.

    What we require:

    No egos or prima donnas allowed (spotlight people are expected to meet minimum XP requirements of the crew). No drama queens. Willingness and ability to interact positively with other people in the Discord. Ability to put forth the effort to ensure your crew succeeds in meeting their goals. Must be communicative and active.

    We also invite any small crew that would like help filling their crew and becoming more competitive to contact us. We may be able to help by bringing you into our family.

    If you are interested in any of our crews please send a private message with the crew you are interested in and your average weekly XP contribution. Please also note if you are a spotlight setter along with skill level and which instrument(s).
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    Ps4 crew-Thedas must be giants

    We made bloodstone in Season 1 without 1 of our main players the final few weeks. Seeking someone to fill the void for Season 2. Any instrument that can score on spotlights outside of vocals preferred. We do not expect anyone to live on the game. Crazy xp grinding is not a necessity but sure is appreciated:) If you are looking for a friendly, laid back crew but still want to reach the top check us out. Message me here or on the network

    Psn id: tormented-angel

    UPDATE: still an open spot:)
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    Looking to join an active casual crew. I don´t have enough time to be a hardcore player but I do play often. I prefer to play pro drums but I can play any instrument. My skill level on any instrument below devil heads is expert. Mainly looking for an active crew trying to reach bloodstone with the time they have to play. Shoot me a message if your crew is in need of another member.

    Edit: I have joined a crew. Thanks.
  • Minutes to Midnight
    The Wrecking Crue Community is recruiting members for Minutes to Midnight, our new crew gearing up to take on bloodstone in Season 2.
    Currently recruiting XP grinders who are looking for a somewhat competitive environment.
    We share a Discord server of 5 crews filled with people of all skill and competitive levels where we interact, chat, goof off, support each other, share tips, brag, etc. We are a community.
    If you are interested please send a private message and include your average weekly XP contribution.
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