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    Wildcat15 said:

    @joseph5185 Who left?

    @Wildcat15 AngeredMotives left. We have a "replacement" already.
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    Y'all I'm looking for a crew! I really want to do more with Rivals.

    I play expert on all instruments. Have over 1800 songs. :^)

    edit: Xbox One.
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    Xzalor said:

    Y'all I'm looking for a crew! I really want to do more with Rivals.

    I play expert on all instruments. Have over 1800 songs. :^)

    edit: Xbox One.

    We're Emergency Rooster on XB1, we reached Bloodstone last season (just, but that's another matter). If recruitment were up to me, we'd welcome you with open arms, but alas, it's not, hence why If you're interested, @AndyTheIndigoer and @joseph5185 might be able to help you!
  • XzalorXzalor Rising Star
    @AndyTheIndigoer add me fam ;)
  • Xzalor said:

    @AndyTheIndigoer add me fam ;)

    @Xzalor, please check your PM inbox.
  • joseph5185joseph5185 Opening Act

    Xzalor said:

    @AndyTheIndigoer add me fam ;)

    @Xzalor - Welcome. =)
    Hell yes!

    WELCOME!! =)

    (Sorry I'm late .. you should have received a message from me on Xbox as well)
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    PS4 Shamrock Whiskey is looking for a spotlight guitarist. If you are currently playing second fiddle in a bloodstone crew, this is your opportunity to see your name on the spotlight page. Ranked #44 overall last season and always competitive.

    Send requests to PSN ID: Sighdizuck

    You can also friend me PSN ID: OctoThumbs
  • Hello Octothumbs, I'm interested in joining your crew. Sent an email through PSN and a friend request.
    All the best.
  • ThumprrThumprr Unsigned
    I'm Old and Talentless.

    Literally, I'm the only member of the XB1 crew, "Old and Talentless." I like to play, but don't have acres and acres of time in which to do so. Most of my time in which to play is when my wife and kids are asleep, so I don't do a whole lot of vocals. Skill in the 700s on guitar and bass, high 600s on drums. I got rivals partway through last season, and earned enough points to get to platinum on my own, before the season ended.

    I'd love to team up with someone, and I'm a little intimidated by all the requirements above. Any contribution from anyone, at any interest or commitment level, would be welcome. If you're trying to get to bloodstone, this probably isn't the crew for you. If you're looking to have a little fun, and you're not looking to take yourself or anyone else too seriously, hit me up and I'll send an invite.

  • Thumprr, if we were on the same console we'd be kindred spirits.
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    On XBOX, XWING FIGHTERS has one open spot. Casual crew now 9 strong. Some play, some don't, no one really uses the app to chat (at least I don't so I don't know if others might), some have skill, some don't, some buy spotlight, some don't. We made diamond last season with a chance for bloodstone in final week when only 5 strong. Join if you want most of the funky helmets and no pressure to play any more than you already do. Not looking to kick anyone (maybe we will feel differently if you literally never played for a season or two, but then why are you joining?)

    We will add the first person who requests to join. In the event of a tie we will pick the person with the best gamertag/picture or any arbitrary criteria my 9 year old can come up with. (Remember if you are leaving a crew, you can't play for anything but xp this week until the next challenge starts on Thursday).

    Edit: Crew is full after we added two talentless posers! See you on the leaderboard!
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    Patricide1979, if you have any inactive players in your crew, could I come onboard with a +1? Our gamertags are DisgracedPuppy7 and C4M TR0M. We are talentless posers, but do play multiple times a week on bass, guitar, and vocals.
  • rkbdgurlrkbdgurl Road Warrior
    Patricide1979, it would be helpful if you would state what platform you're on and how much dlc you have presently, if any. What kind of skill level you guys at, and maybe how long you've been playing RB. btw... A lot of us are talentless posers on here haha. anyway, hopefully this will help you get snatched up by a crew. :)
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    XB1 - looking to fill open positions on two crews

    Minutes to Midnight - Semi competitive crew, will reach bloodstone (first season). Min XP around 20k per challenge.

    Snicklefritz - Casual crew, will reach bloodstone (finished in blood season 1). No XP or skill requirements but must be active.

    Crews share a discord and interact in a positive friendly environment. If interested in either crew please send message.
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    Been by myself in a crew since Rivals started, but now I'd like to find some members for my ps4 crew, On Fire.

    Platform: PS4
    Crew name: On Fire
    Members: 1
    Previous season rank: Platinum

    I primarily play Guitar with some Bass on the side, but I'd happily welcome any instrument player in my crew. I myself get roughly 7k-10k XP a week, and I'd like if you'd contribute at least 5k XP a week but understand if you don't every week. My skill on Guitar is 821 and 865 on Bass, but your skill level isn't important to me so long as you contribute. So if you're interested, by all means send my crew a request and I'll happily accept you!
  • dude why dont your just join another crew? so much easier
  • kevinobe said:

    dude why dont your just join another crew? so much easier

    I put quite a bit into my crew even if it was just myself most of the time so I'd rather not lose all that. But my psn is Frazier457, maybe I'll consider joining one if someone invites me, depending what the crew is like. I'd rather it be a more active one
  • ddude777 said:

    kevinobe said:

    dude why dont your just join another crew? so much easier

    I put quite a bit into my crew even if it was just myself most of the time so I'd rather not lose all that. But my psn is Frazier457, maybe I'll consider joining one if someone invites me, depending what the crew is like. I'd rather it be a more active one
    Nobody can send you an invite unless you leave the group you are in first.

  • Frazier your settings wont let me message u i have a very active crew u can join if your interested currently tied for 6th overall. shoot me a message at obe23 on psn
  • Greetings! Our crew, OneF***ingNøte, has aspirations of finishing in the top 10 after last season's resurgent 18th place finish where the crew was only at full strength for the last two challenges. As of now, we are in a tie for 11th despite having multiple members affected by both of the hurricanes.

    We don't have any hard requirements at the moment. We have a skilled bunch that loves to jam together online fairly often. Honestly, someone who has a decent amount of DLC and can contribute 10k-15k XP would be a huge asset to us right now. If you are a 50k+ XP grinder that would almost guarantee us a spot in the top 10! Whether you're just starting or a seasoned veteran, if you would like to join a great group that has fun while still competing then this is the crew for you.

    Feel free to send a message on Xbox live to any of our Admins:
    fury of a taco

    You can also just reply here or send an invitation request via the Rivals app or in-game.
  • Hello everyone, my crew My beloved zombie (ps4) has a spot available, im looking for someone who has dlc and is willing to play weekly if possible 10k xp per week or more and a drummer would be picked first since thats what we have less in our band, we finished bloodstone season 1 and ranked 33 in rivals points so we are a competitive crew but we also have lives so we dont expect you to live for the game, it has to stay fun, also we like to play together online if you want, anyone interested can message me my psn id is patou_my, feel free to add me if you are looking for friends to play online, i play almost everyday
  • Hello everyone,

    My GT: SilentAsylumFA
    Crew: Underdog Underground (XB1) currently at platinum
    Looking for spotlight gutiarists & drummers (Skill level above 900)
    Also looking for xp grinders of any skill level
    I have 5 spots available so if interested message me on Xbox and let me know where you found this post cause I posted on a few forums

    Thanks for reading :)
  • Anyone wanna join my band? The band name is "Qu33fs". Our lifetime rival points is 6013. Trying to get to bloodstone this season. Currently ranked gold. Message me on Xbox live or just join my band. Thanks.
  • Heya, guys and gals. I'm currently in a crew on the XB1 version that took me in when no one was joining my crew, and thus making it difficult to advance with only one friend in the crew who doesn't play that often. However, as great as some of the guys I've met in my crew, too many of this crew's members are barely even trying, and thus, we failed to advance tiers this week. That's just immensely frustrating considering how much effort the rest of us were putting forward to try and make up for it. It's a casual group, but may be TOO casual to advance.

    So, I'm now looking at options and offers to join a different crew, and this is on both the XB1 AND the PS4. So I'll divide up my stats by console.

    My preferences: Guitar (I've been playing guitar IRL for over 20 years now), Bass, Vocals, and Drums.

    Xbox One:
    Username: Goldnfoxx (note the lack of the “e’)
    Songs Owned: 1,371
    Total Song Plays: 1009
    Favorite Instrument: Guitar

    Instrument: Guitar
    Skill: 955
    Disc Songs Score: 10,441,948
    All Songs Score: 58,847,820
    Gold Star Songs: 192
    Expert FCs: 42
    Crimson Star Songs: 7
    Total Stars Earned: 1,490

    Instrument: Bass
    Skill: 856
    Disc Songs Score: 1,117,131
    All Songs Score: 6,043,581
    Gold Star Songs: 29
    Expert FCs: 21
    Crimson Star Songs:: 3
    Total Stars Earned: x

    Instrument: Band
    Skill: N/A
    Disc Songs Score: 10,540,748
    All Songs Score: 61,581,056
    Gold Star Songs: 201
    Expert FCs: 58
    Crimson Star Songs: 10
    Total Stars Earned: 1,779

    Username: Goldenfoxx
    Songs Owned: 718
    Total Song Plays: 207
    Favorite Instrument: Guitar

    Instrument: Guitar
    Skill: 952
    Disc Songs Score: 4,018,391
    All Songs Score: 20,981,249
    Gold Star Songs: 84
    Expert FCs: 34
    Crimson Star Songs: 2
    Total Stars Earned: 970

    Instrument: Bass
    Skill: 993
    Disc Songs Score: 672,038
    All Songs Score: 3,410,931
    Gold Star Songs: 19
    Expert FCs: 10
    Crimson Star Songs: 0
    Total Stars Earned: 160

    Instrument: Band
    Skill: N/A
    Disc Songs Score: 4,079,070
    All Songs Score: 21,372,721
    Gold Star Songs: 91
    Expert FCs: 39
    Crimson Star Songs: 2
    Total Stars Earned: 1,130

    Ok, so if any group likes my stats… uhh… let me know? Ultimately, I’m looking for a group whose members are dedicated enough to seriously go after all the tier medals, but casual enough that the group doesn’t have to list “Stress” as part of the gig. Thanks in advance to any who offer their time to my consideration.

    -- Foxx
  • Hello everyone.

    I've more or less been alone in my crew "Park of Circles" since crews began. I had some random people join for a while but they all quit relatively recently. I was fine being one member when demotions were a thing; if I didn't care for a week's challenge I would play enough to get to the blue. When I liked a challenge I'd play a ton and aim for green. I was able to hit (but not stay at) Platinum in Season 0 and juuuuuust missed out on it at the end of Season 1, largely on my own. But it's not really fun anymore, so I'll willing to abandon my band for another if it makes playing less of a chore and more fun again.

    Anyway, stats:
    -Level 63
    -Songs owned: 903
    -Guitar skill: 912
    -Bass skill: 943
    -Drums skill: 626
    -Vocals skill: 606

    There are weeks when I'll play for hours each night, there are weeks when I'll barely look at my PS4 at all. I'm primarily a guitarist / bassist, mostly Xpert except for the highest difficulties. Drumming is fun in small doses but I'm a medium at best, hard if the difficulty is low. I sing like it's karaoke, I largely don't care about the score when I sing. Also, I own the current Spotlight Pass.

    If anyone can use me, send me a message on PSN to T-Prime85. ;) Thanks and have a good one.
  • If anyone is looking for a ps4 crew, My beloved zombie is looking for a 10th member, anyone interested, all i'm asking is for someone willing to play every challenge a little (no need to go crazy we all have live and family, we play to have fun) and to have some dlc, we currently are in diamond tier, finished bloddstone and ranked 33rd last season, if interested contact me on my psn patou_my or here on the forums, oh and by the way if you are a drummer that would be a plus but at this point i would take anyone willing to help, drummers free agent seems to be very rare these days haha
  • Hey Thumper,

    If you are looking to join a crew, i have a few open spots that needs to be filled. Look for pretty much anything from Guitar to Drummers to Vocals.

    Band is Brutal Hotdogs
    My GT is Outsider618

  • Hi,

    I am a drummer looking for an active crew on ps4. I live in Ireland and play pro drums only. Skill is 553 and increasing slowly :). Level 38. 229 songs owned and I play 2-3 times a week when work and family allow.

    Please PM me if you have spaces in your crew. My PSN ID is umbauki

  • Anyone looking to join a crew, i have few spots open and looking for a guitar and Drummer mostly. I will take anything i get now since season 2 is at its end soon.

    GT is Outsider618
    Band: Brutal Hotdogs
    Currently in Platinum
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