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  • Hey Thumper,

    If you are looking to join a crew, i have a few open spots that needs to be filled. Look for pretty much anything from Guitar to Drummers to Vocals.

    Band is Brutal Hotdogs
    My GT is Outsider618

  • Hi,

    I am a drummer looking for an active crew on ps4. I live in Ireland and play pro drums only. Skill is 553 and increasing slowly :). Level 38. 229 songs owned and I play 2-3 times a week when work and family allow.

    Please PM me if you have spaces in your crew. My PSN ID is umbauki

  • Anyone looking to join a crew, i have few spots open and looking for a guitar and Drummer mostly. I will take anything i get now since season 2 is at its end soon.

    GT is Outsider618
    Band: Brutal Hotdogs
    Currently in Platinum
  • If any one is looking to join an active crew on PS4, we currently have 4 members and are hoping to get a few more. Any one is welcome as long as you contribute experience and try to do the spotlight songs if you have them. We are currently in platinum and are in the green for Diamond.

    My Game tag is Viperblade02
    Band Name is NEGATIVE ZERO
  • tormentedangeltormentedangel Unsigned
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    Thedas Must Be Giants
    Season 1 bloodstone crew seeking 1 more player to join our ranks. Currently ready to be promoted to diamond. Ideally we are looking for a drummer that can post solid scores on spotlights as that is the position we are most in need of. Will consider other instruments based on xp output per week. We have no major requirements aside from weekly participation. Please message me here or in game if interested:)

    Gt: tormented-angel
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    In a crew of 7 but looking to fill out last 3 slots. We ended season 1 at the bloodstone rank. We're looking for more people willing to play to raise crew xp gains for the weeks to come.

    Psn: Prospekt42
    Msg my psn account if you're interested.
  • (PS4)
    Macro Monk is recruiting active players with a skill level of 950+ on their main instrument.
    S0 - Diamond
    S1 - Bloodstone
    Current - Diamond
    If interested, message:
    CalebJK316, Prospekt42, sny83
  • Hi there, started playing more rb again since I bought a e drum kit to replace my worn out rb3 kit. I play pro drums mainly, current skill level is around 690, ATM I play myself through all my songs on expert and started with the easy ones, so I expect the skill level to rise. I also do like singing.

    I own about 800 songs on xbone, buying spotlight songs. I am looking for a active crew and some people to quickplay with. Cheers!
  • XB1 Bloodstone crew Drifter With A Milky Eye has one open spot, We are social, skilled, and self governing. You won't find a better crew to be a part of. If interested please message me.
  • Hey folks.
    My crews vocal spotlight scores kept us from promoting to Bloodstone last night so I'm back again looking for a spotlight vocalist. We sure wouldn't mind if you enjoy putting up xp either, that would be a bonus.
    If you're interested you can message me or send a crew request.
    Crew: Escape Insanity
  • TheRainbowTroutsTheRainbowTrouts Opening Act
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    2+ spaces in my crew. No skill preference as we mostly need XP (players willing to just play songs). If we are short on any skills it's weirdly guitar... We have a few really good drummers and vocalists already

    We use the Rock Band app and a forum to communicate and play online often with large DLC libraries.

    We are on Xbox and currently hovering outside of the Bloodstone league.

    Send me a message with your Xbox gamertag if you're interested :)
  • Kings of Metal (PS4 Crew) has one empty slot.

    We're looking for a active Drummer who has a lot of DLC (We have 2 drummers, but one had a broken Drum Controller, and another has very little DLC in his library, plus, he only plays Rock Band at the start of the day in my country (USA, Eastern Time), so we need one who can play on the daytime.

    If your interested, please PM Me or Our Crew Leader or respond to this post. (I'm not the Crew Leader, I'm a Crew Admin. Our crew leader is @kaesekruste3 (PSN: MyArtIsMurder94).
  • TheEnzoTheEnzo Unsigned
    PSN Gears of destruction are looking for members for a sure Bloodstone promotion next week. However we on the cusp just now and need a vocalist to do the Spotlights to get Bloodstone right now before end of challenge. If interested in joining please message PSN Kenrtle
  • PS4 crew recruiting XP grinders for next season. Any skill level but must make the commitment to contribute every week. Please msg me with how much XP you can contribute regularly and number of songs in your library. Thanks!
  • twwebertwweber Unsigned
    I am a PS4 player (twweber) and got my crew of 1 to Diamond. It was clear last week that I would go no further though and wonder if another crew might find me useful this week. I have 660 songs and can generate 20K – 30K in xp. My main instrument is expert pro drums and I am in the 820 range.
    Vocals are 688, which pretty much means hard. Luckily, I live alone because I don’t claim to be on key, just on game.
    Guitar is 550 and bass is 679. Frankly, I really only play them on spotlights songs. Back before I stopped playing, I could pretty much play anything on expert bass while hard in guitar was limited to hard.
    As an aside, I play drums, guitar and bass for real. While RB pro drums are a trainer, guitar and bass are not. Real guitar & bass are both harder and easier in some ways. In any case, the RB instruments do not help at all. Instead, I play Rocksmith.
    Let me know if there is interest. I could do something next season but will be traveling in early Nov so I might not be able to join right away.
  • rkbdgurlrkbdgurl Road Warrior
    hey twweber, I have room for you in my band. I will send you an invite if you're interested. We have made it to diamond for 2 seasons. Can really use another drummer and overall player of other instruments too. sounds like you might be a good fit for us. Were pretty easy going, low pressure, so your schedule shouldn't be an issue.
  • Looking for a few more to join my band. Message me if interested or just join my band. Try to play every week. Playing on XBOX.

    Band name: QU33FS
    Xbox live gamer tag: Eazydeazy
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