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  • thatmarkguythatmarkguy Road Warrior
    Thatforumcrew is looking for one or two new members. Preferably guitarbass spotlight but even xp contributors are welcome.
  • Hello, I figured it's finally time for me to start participating in Rivals Mode. I own every song that can be owned in Rock Band 4 except the Lego Rock Band export and a smattering of random DLC songs (such as "The Number of the Beast" cover, since I have the original). My instrument skills are as follows.

    • Pro Drums: I can 5 star every song except for about a dozen of the hardest songs. I can gold star the vast majority of songs.
    • Guitar/Bass: I can 5 star every song except for about 50 of the hardest songs. I can gold star the vast majority of songs.
    • Vocals: My weakest instrument, I can 5 star every song but it will take a couple practice runs to learn any given song. I can gold star about half of the songs.
    I am very flexible and will play any kind of song. I play very often and if I got into the whole Rivals deal, I probably will play every day. I am level 71.

    I would like to join a crew that reaches Bloodstone. :)
    which platform?
    if it s ps4, send a join request to our crew, league of beasts 2 or send me a message
  • league of beasts 2 (PS4) is searching for 1 or 2 members, if you play regularly and have a good amount of songs, send me a message
  • Whatsamasibling?! is looking for a 10th member on XB1. We're in need of an extra Spotlight guitarist, with a high skill score and the ability to keep up with the new DLC.

    Past achievements: Season 0 - Platinum / Season 1 - Bloodstone, rank 62 / Season 2 - Bloodstone, rank 29

    You can PM me here, on XBox (GT: EvilOverlord) and Discord (Evil Overlord#2270)
  • Just a note to let you all know that I found a crew. :) Thank you!
  • Raw Judaism is a spunky PS4 band composed of 3 dedicated members, 2 of whom are actually good at the game. Season 2 was the first season we participated in, and we reached Diamond despite missing the first two weeks. We are really in need of an expert drummer for spotlight, but will take any and all XP contributors. Bloodstone is the goal so hop on board and let's do this ****.

    My PSN is RagingChickenss, looking forward to some new recruits!
  • Looking to join a crew on Xbox one I'm best at guitar I have a skill of 906 and have golded 56 songs and have fc 13 songs, I also play the drums
  • If you want to join my crew Shameless SkrotteAxe on PS4, give me your username and I search you up and sends you an invite, thanks :)
  • Competitive PS4 crew looking for one, possibly two, members for guitar/bass spotlight. Must be able to play every week. Grinding XP is a bonus, but we do expect a minimum of 10k per week.
  • QualityPetesHouseofThai (Xbox) has quite a few available slots if anyone is interested. Made it to Diamond/Top 5% Overall last season with only 3 profiles (2 active members, one extra profile for guitar/vox).

    Look us up if you're interested.
  • thatmarkguythatmarkguy Road Warrior
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    thatforumcrew on PS4 is down two members from its roster that bloodstoned the past two seasons, seeking replacements that, ideally, can provide either eventual-Bloodstone-grade guitar and bass spotlight scores, or contribute to the XP grind.
  • dlleweldllewel Unsigned
    Hello fellow rockers! Our XB1 crew "Great South Urn Band" is recruiting!

    We are a casual, friendly bunch just looking for a few members that enjoy playing each week to help us earn XP. Anyone that can contribute at least 5,000 XP per week is welcome. Skill level and instrument are not overly important, although we could definitely use an expert vocalist to help with the weekly spotlight songs. However any instrument is welcome if you will play a bit each week. Some of us chat in the Rivals mobile crew app, but it is not a requirement.

    Stats so far; S0 Diamond, S1 Bloodstone, S2 Diamond

    If you are interested we would love to have you as part of the crew!
    Drop me a request here or in game... XB1 user DLLEWEL

    Thank you!
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    Hello, Rock Band Community! Our PS4 Crew, Kings of Metal, has a open spot.

    One of our newer members had left us to join a better crew that placed in the top 25 spot. But we would like to have a full 10 man crew by the time we reach Bloodstone.

    If you interested in joining our crew, please PM me or my crew leader @kaesekruste3.

    Thank you for reading this post! :)
  • Given a shift in direction, our crew has four open spots. We're focused on placing higher this season, and are looking for like-minded people. Bloodstone is a certainty, but with a few more active players, we would be able to reach it in the first week. Specifically, we're looking for active players that want to be a part of a top 10 crew.

    Spotlights are already well handled, though we could use a drummer capable of higher end FCs. 30k XP is currently what we're asking for, with obvious exceptions given to weeks like this bronze week, where nobody has a large selection.

    I would like to emphasize that we aren't looking for anyone complacent with reaching bloodstone, considering that's hardly an accomplishment anymore if you have a full crew of people who play regularly.

    TL;DR - we're trying hard and stuff, and if you like to try hard too, it'd be cool if you joined.

    If your crew is in a similar situation and you're interested in forming a solid 10, let me know here, or send a message to either "Naufe" or "Hazy JT" on Live.
  • braves22braves22 Opening Act
    XBox Crew 'Our Side Piece' is looking for 2 new members to round out our crew.

    We finished Diamond in Season 2 and are looking for some consistency and a couple members that can put in some work each week, but keep it more casual than hardcore.
  • I’m only a drummer that’s looking to join a crew on Xbox. I play every week and I believe I have a high skill rating, but I’m unfamiliar with the stat leaderboards/crews. I have been in a crew by myself and Im getting bored. Halp
    Gamertag: Chase Baked
  • wut about dogwut about dog Unsigned
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    I'm looking find some homeys to play with on XB1. Pro drums and expert everything to an extent, with the exception of some of the silly difficult songs. I have all the games exported into RB4 and loads of DLC. Been playing since day 1 of RB but never bothered with multiplayer. I live in east coast USA.
  • BookerBooker Rising Star
    To the last 2 posters, I'm looking for a drummer for my crew. No minimum xp grind, just need you to play something each week.

    message me at S F Booker for an invite.
  • My PS4-Crew is now open for members to join, just find Shameless SkrotteAxe in the rivals-hub.
    We are in need of an expert drummer for spotlight, as well as a vocalist, but guitar/bass is usefull also.

    Shameless SkrotteAxe is the name of the crew and yours truely, Skrottefar, is crewleader, with that GT :)
  • TheEnzoTheEnzo Unsigned
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    PS4. SHAMELESS SKROTTEAXE looking for 5 members. Really need Drums and Vocals but any will do. In Gold Tier currently. PSN TheEnzo. Previous post above by leader......... Yeah he just left without a word putting me in charge. Dunno what happened.
  • TheEnzoTheEnzo Unsigned
    Same as above but Platinum now. Need Vocals to take last spot. Original leader back. Contact TheEnzo or Skrottefar
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