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  • I think he was trying to invite you to our team, which currently has an open spot and does go to the top tier. Send a request to League Of Beasts 2 if you are interested.
  • Accepted!
  • Ghost of the Navigator (XB1) has one spot open that we'd like to fill. We typically make it to Bloodstone (though we missed it by one percentage point in Season 3) and we're currently ranked number 71 overall. We're a low-key, no-pressure group. None of us currently play together online, but some of us communicate via the companion app. High skill level and large library is preferred (Spotlight contributor for drums would be a bonus), but absolutely anyone is welcome. The only real requirement is that you participate each week.

    If interested, hit me up here or find our crew and request an invitation.

  • Sorry, I haven't played online since DOA4 in 2007, so this is new. Boomer tier tech skills.
    Gamertag: stangetz71
    System: PS4
    Instruments: Drums (5* medium; 5* hard most songs; not expert (yet)) Guitar - hard & expert
    Preferences: anything really. I don't listen to country, but find the songs to be the most fun.
    Crew: started one called /hourguys/ nobody has joined lol.
    Tell me what headset to get, am def reliable for one night a week live play like 8 to 10 eastern or whatever. I've purchased the season 4 pack. If explaining to a gen x'er how to play a ps4 is your idea of fun hmu.
  • PSN: RoyaleRain

    Instruments: Guitar and bass on expert, and I'm currently 972 skill on guitar

    I play almost daily, and I'm looking for a crew to reach bloodstone with next season. This is my first rock band game, so I only have a 163 songs and no exports, but my library is growing.
  • rkbdgurlrkbdgurl Road Warrior
    PS4 - Hello all. We need to add a good drummer with some dlc. We made bloodstone last season and the season before that. We have awesome gtrs, vocals, and bass players but are limited by our need for a drummer on those tough spotlight songs. Though I am our drummer, my skill is limited. We have one spot available. We're an easy going no drama crew of very nice people. Play what you can when you can.
    Peaked your interest? Let me know. thanks :)
  • Xbox One
    Vocals (expert)
    1000 skill
    800 songs in library

    Looking for a CASUAL but ACTIVE crew.
  • RoyalRain said:

    PSN: RoyaleRain

    I play almost daily, and I'm looking for a crew to reach bloodstone with next season. This is my first rock band game, so I only have a 163 songs and no exports, but my library is growing.

    Sent you an invite in-game, and a message on PSN.
  • (XB1) Hi, I'm with Emergency Rooster, and we're looking for another active vocalist or multi-instrumentalist for our crew. Vocals is our top priority, and we'd really like it if you had 850+ skill and a fair amount of DLC to boot. We're pretty chill and casual, and even have our own google hangout to communicate with each other. If you fit the criteria and are interested, feel free to contact me, @AndyTheIndigoer, or @joseph5185 on here or XBL!
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    (XB1) Hello, I'm looking for an active crew and maybe some people to play online. I'm playing RB since RB 1 and I mainly play guitar and bass. The first with an ingame talent with around 800. But I just begun at christmas, as i changed from playing RB with my old Wii to XBox. Shredding on expert and hard. Just send me a PM.
    Metal Rules and have a nice day.
  • (Ps4) Hiya! #4 ps4 crew in lifetime rivals points(<3Beasts of Peace<3) is looking for a highly skilled spotlighting drummer. Large xp gain is a bonus but not a requirement. We need those high spotlight scores alot more. Please feel free to reply here but a psn message wil gain a faster response.
    Psn- FeralConsequence
  • KaitynKaityn Unsigned
    Looking for a vocals expert on Xbox One.

    This is our first season of Rivals as we've been sticking to Rock Band 3 for the last few years (Finding a wired legacy adapter was a real problem). The current Drummer and Guitarist are both top 100 players but we're also happy to take on a few extra roles too as there's plenty of space. Vocalist is the priority though.

    Also you'll need to be cool representing a mature, self-deprecating, anti-clickbait gaming page. Add BasedAF Media on Xbox or send me a message at facebook.com/BasedAF.Media
  • BattlestarBattlestar Opening Act
    Guild of Bandits (PS4) is looking for a new member. Skill doesn't matter just that you contribute every challenge. We are a casual yet competitive crew that has reached Bloodstone the past three seasons. We are usually ranked #22-28 overall in the season. So if your interested you can either post here with your PSN ID or you can contact me directly on PSN. My ID is Render73
  • Qu33fs on Xbox One currently looking for members. Been playing since Rock Band 2 came out. Play every week, trying to get to bloodstone. Interested in playing online too. Everyone welcome. Currently we have about 4 active band mates. Hit me up.
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    Level 62, Expert Drums, Skill 990, Expert FC's 233, just got back on RB after being hiatus for a few months. Being playing GH "shhhh" ;)
  • robbieconrobbiecon Road Warrior
    Play all instruments, 873 on guitar about 850 on bass and drums. About 1000 songs too. Looking to join active crew and challenge towards the top!

    PSN: Robbieconn, feel free to add me!
  • FEAR-ALS (F3RL) on PS4 is looking for a few good crew members!
    We are a Bloodstone crew who is currently in the top 10 for lifetime rivals points, but at the same time we try not to take it too seriously. We like everyone to have a minimum of 10-15k XP on average per week, but try to do more when you can, and if you are busy one week the rest of the crew will pick you up as long as you let us know.
    The only things we don't want are people that don't play at all for multiple weeks without saying anything, and contributing crew members who just up and leave the crew without notice.

    At the top of our wish list is a spotlight guitarist. We have vocals and drums pretty covered, but could use someone skilled in hitting the nasty solos in the tier 6 songs on guitar. We don't need to have the best path on everything but we want to at least FC all that we can (within reason, you know not including stuff like TTFAF!)
    Spotlight drummer would also be valued since our current spotlight drummer has told us he may not be around forever. However, anyone who is friendly, willing to play and communicate, and has a good chunk of dlc would be welcome!

    At time of writing we have 3 open spots after a few people had to quit. Send a PSN message to our leader miao57 if you're interested in joining us!

  • On XBOX, recruiting, THE CHIPMUNKS, currently platinum. We need either someone who likes to play a bunch no matter the instrument or a spotlight drummer (above 900 skill). We have a couple of guitarists that can gold most songs, same with vocalists. Our top drummer can gold many songs, but has a hard time with 5 dot and devil tier songs. We are a casual/competitive crew. Some of us use the app, and some of us play online for xp grinds. No one is pressured to buy songs that they don't want or play for 50k worth of xp, just play as like. We made bloodstone in 7th week in season one, diamond season 2, bloodstone week 8 season 3. Message me here, send a request on the app, or in game. Crew has been around since the beginning of rivals with 16,689 lifetime rival points and still has many original members.

    Thank you for considering us.
  • uppyb0tuppyb0t Opening Act

    Xbone / 100+ plays a week / can do well on spotlight
  • rkbdgurlrkbdgurl Road Warrior
    Well dang uppybot. I was getting excited to invite you into our band. Tried By Fire, as we are in need of a good drummer. Then I saw Xbox. Were on ps4 I'm bummed. Someone will snatch you up fast!
  • uppyb0t said:

    Xbone / 100+ plays a week / can do well on spotlight

    Great South Urn Band on XBox would be happy to have you if you would join. And your friend as we have 2 openings. I couldn’t find you however to send an invite?
  • EazyDeazyEazyDeazy Unsigned
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    Join my band on Xbox, “Qu33fs”. We’ll be pushing for Bloodstone next week. Currently have 9 members, but a couple aren’t playing at all. Join the band or send me a message on Xbox live and I’ll invite you to the band, Xbox name is EazyDeazy.
  • SparkyBobOmbSparkyBobOmb Unsigned
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    GT: Sparky BobOmb

    Casual crew looking for more players to join. I personally XP grind for fun, so don't let the high numbers scare you away. We have five spots available, and could could use some more help with a vocal player and/or drums (EASY/MED/HARD/EXP level).

    The crew is an open invite. Thanks!
  • GraffinGraffin Rising Star
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    Hi guys, we're on the PS4, Platinum this week, and struggling to get to Diamond.

    Our Band name is LESS than THREE (because there's only 2 of us playing the 4 parts), so that leaves 6 spots open. Really need help with Guitar & Bass, so anyone is welcome to join!

    I'm an Expert Vocalist, Medium-Hard Guitarist and Bass (I only do two at once). My partner can do Hard-Expert on Drums.

    We currently have 1963 songs. It doesn't matter if you're SIEE or SIEA, we play at ungodly times, so it's all good.

    If interested, please hit me up on the PSN or ask to join.

    My PSN ID is: Graffin_G
    Bandname: LESS than THREE

    (quite open to changing the band name to MORE than FOUR if we get enough members lol)

    Any takers? Or, even someone to join and boost the spotlight scores on Expert Bass and/or Guitar?
    We would appreciate any help. I've been playing for over 20 hours this week and still "just" short of being in the promotion zone (sigh).
  • Our PS4 Rivals team, League Of Beasts 2, has several openings right now. We are an original team, ranked #14 or so lifetime, and have been making Bloodstone on the second week every season under the current format.

    We are a fun, friendly, competitive team looking for a spotlight drummer and people who play regularly for xp. If you play two or three times a week for an hour or two, that's great. We have a group chat on PS Messages and sometimes team up for online play.

    Come join us as we push to Bloodstone each season.
  • EazyDeazyEazyDeazy Unsigned
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    After posting in here, Harmonix threatened to delete my band so my band is no longer “The Qu33fs”. New band name is “Upinher”. Currently have 10 members, but a few don’t play. Looking for a few casual players. Currently ranked platinum. Join my band or message me on Xbox “EazyDeazy”
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    [XB1] My crew "One F***ing N∅te" has an opening we would like to fill with another spotlight drummer. This crew makes Bloodstone every season and we have aspirations of being a top 10 crew (usually finish approximately 15th-18th). At the same time, everyone is super laid-back and we love getting together online to play. We pride ourselves on following proper Rivals Conduct so no cheaters/exploiters please.

    If you are interested feel free to do any of the following:

    Message me GT: bird098

    Introduce yourself to our leader or one of the admins, let them know why you're a good fit for the crew!
    Leader GT: Cotc18
    Admin GT: bse2342
    Admin GT: fury of a taco

    Or you can just send a request to join the crew through Rivals.

    Best of luck to everyone pushing for Bloodstone this week!
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