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  • Ps4 crew
    Thedas Must Be Giants

    "Recruiting" Currently full but have a couple that have lost interest and no longer participate. We are a casual but competitive group that has reached bloodstone each season. Ranked in the top 50 overall. Just looking for some life out there! No real reqs outside of a few song plays a week. If you can help with spotlights thats awesome but we are more interested in someone that simply plays each week. Feel free to contact me here or the network
    Gt: tormented-angel
  • Xbox crew looking for dedicated players. Currently ranked diamond, pushing towards Bloodstone this week. One open spot, but potentially two or three spots due to people not playing anymore. Message me or just join my band, Lucifers Ladies.
  • White_PawZWhite_PawZ Road Warrior
    edited February 17


    Level: 36
    Skill: 692
    Disc Song Score: 1,550,973
    Total score: 35,171,995
    Total stars earned: 1,073
    Gold star songs: 3
    Expert full combos: 0
    Crimson Star Songs: 2

    Favorite instrument: harmonies

  • @White_PawZ I have a crew called Smash Moth that has an opening. Feel free to apply. We’ve made Bloodstone every season except Season 0, we’re in pretty good shape when it comes to Spotlight but we can always use more Crew XP
  • I'm an admin of Goodfellas, a Bloodstone tier crew on Xbox Ond for every season except season zero. We're having some clan difficulties this season with a few our members not pulling their weight and our spotlight vocalist running into some issues in her personal life. I'm looking for a dedicated singer who's willing to put up gold stars each week on the three spotlight songs and hopefully drop a little xp in the pot, but I'm not highkey picky. Drop me a line at rofltickets@gmail.com or I'll try to check back on this board, or if you prefer my gamertag is ChrisGrose and you can message me directly.
  • snysny
    edited February 19
    Hey folks!

    We are Macro Monk, a PS4 crew and we're looking to expand our roster with active players who can contribute XP regularly. We're fine on spotlight scorers but could use your help if you're up for playing many challenge songs in a week.

    We've finished bloodstone the past 3 seasons and are close to doing so again. We also enjoy doing some online multiplayer sessions playing non-challenge songs. We're not super-competitive and aim to have fun first and foremost, so don't be afraid to apply - if you can contribute regularly towards the crew goals, you're probably the kind of rocker we need!

    To apply, simply request membership in-game or send me a message here or on PSN to CalebJK316 or sny83.

    We look forward to hearing from you!
  • Fate media is a XB1 crew that needs some spotlight and XP grinders, we have gotten bloodstone every season, trying again this season. We're currently in Diamond, and got about 3-4 spots since we got some inactive people to boot. Tell me if you are interested in joining. Thanks!
  • Hi, ChrisGrose again from Goodfellas on Xbox One. We're still looking for any spotlight vocalist, any expert vocalist, to recruit. I'll make a spot for you as soon as you message me: let's get you that Bloodstone bike helmet!
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