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  • BaronRobBaronRob Unsigned
    Our PS4 Rivals team, League Of Beasts 2, has a couple of openings right now. We are an original team, ranked in the top 20 lifetime, and have been making Bloodstone on the second week every season under the current format.

    We are a fun, friendly, competitive team looking for people who enjoy playing regularly. If you play Rock Band for an hour or two, two or three times a week, that's great. Spotlight scores on strings are also be a plus. We have a group chat on PS Messages and sometimes team up for online play.
  • Greetings! Our crew called OneF***ingNøte is a top 10 crew that unfortunately has an opening going into Bloodstone week. Looking for someone that can contribute XP. Whether you're just starting or a seasoned veteran, if you would like to join a great group that has fun while still competing then this is the crew for you.

    Feel free to send a message on Xbox live to any of our Admins:
    fury of a taco

    Or me: bird098

    You can also just reply here or send an invitation request via the Rivals app or in-game.
  • revengefanrevengefan Unsigned
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    I'm in a crew on XBox called The Burning Sensations and we are looking for a spotlight guitar player.
    We are an open crew that hit bloodstone last season, and now that I've had a taste of blood, I want more. We didn't hit diamond last week, but with better spotlight guitar scores, we can hit it this week and then on to bloodstone!
    Like I said, it's an open crew so it's first come, first serve. Just search for us and join. If you join us, be sure to get on the app and chat with us. Looking forward to hearing from you.
  • Multi instrument player but being a bass player that's what I prefer to play
  • bjfettbjfett Unsigned
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    Rockregalia, did u find a crew? ru in ps4?
  • patl175patl175 Unsigned
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    Hi everyone, My Beloved Zombie (ps4 crew) lost one of his longtime player this week so we have an opening for anyone who can fill most or any of these criteria : either a spotlight drummer (top tier 990 skills or around that), a spotlight guitarist (top tier 990 skills or around that), or someone that loves to grind xp we don't need specific skills for that, just that you play the most you can every week, a lot of dlc would be a plus and if you are willing to get the spotlights every challenge is a really big plus for you, we made it to bloodstone every season except for season 0 but we remain a crew that plays for fun, we don't ask you to live for the game, just to enjoy it on a regular basis, you can contact me here on the forums or directly on my psn Patou_My. Thanks!

    Edit : found someone, thanks for looking!
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