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  • Expert_vocalistExpert_vocalist Unsigned
    edited September 2016
    Xbox One GT: Expert Vocalist

    Expert all instuments (My best instrument is Vocals/guitar, worst Drums)

    Haven't played in a while so will be warming up in a few days as I've been away from the game. Have 800+ DLC and will be buying more.
  • VorralVorral Opening Act
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    Okay, let's see if I do this right.

    Platform: XBox One
    Gamertag: Vorral
    Instrument: Guitar
    Gold Stars: 1400+
    FC: 500+
    Anything else: Um, last check, #3 Total Score

    Also, blind. Yeah. So, if you'd rather not, I understand.

    EDIT: Oh yeah! All available DLC.
  • Vorral said:

    Okay, let's see if I do this right.

    Platform: XBox One
    Gamertag: Vorral
    Instrument: Guitar
    Gold Stars: 1400+
    FC: 500+
    Anything else: Um, last check, #3 Total Score

    Also, blind. Yeah. So, if you'd rather not, I understand.

    EDIT: Oh yeah! All available DLC.

    Wow! I'm on PS4, so unfortunately, you can't join my crew. That being said, you've got some pretty good stats. Anyone would be lucky to play as well as you with perfect eyesight. The fact that you've accomplished that being blind is really impressive. I don't really understand why you being blind would be a reason for someone not wanting you in the crew though. I'd say your achievements speak for themselves. I'd jump at the chance to add you to my roster!
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    Just seein whats out there :smile:

    PSN Mrs_Derph
    X Gtr, Bass, Drums, Vox (& Harms)
    mainly guitar - drums are broken :(

    Overall Stats for PS4
    Disc - 7th
    All songs - 8th (1066 unplayed)
    GS - 7th (1088)
    FC - 9th (522)
    CS -13th (48) but I'm working thru my library so I don't really play Brutal unless requested on stream.

    If you want scores or anything else just ask
  • MrsDerph said:

    Just seein whats out there :smile:

    PSN Mrs_Derph
    X Gtr, Bass, Drums, Vox (& Harms)
    mainly guitar - drums are broken :(

    Overall Stats for PS4
    Disc - 7th
    All songs - 8th (1066 unplayed)
    GS - 7th (1088)
    FC - 9th (522)
    CS -13th (48) but I'm working thru my library so I don't really play Brutal unless requested on stream.

    If you want scores or anything else just ask

    We could really use a great guitar player in our crew! See the "PS4 Super Crew" thread if interested. Thanks!
  • stiper327bstiper327b Opening Act
    Hey guys, getting super stoked for Rivals!

    I'm an XB1 expert guitar player. I've been playing these games since GH1, so I know my way around a song or two. I play mostly to have fun, but don't mind chasing a high score if needed! I also play a bunch of songs at a time, so I can help out with volume as well. I play mostly on the weekends, but could run a few songs here and there on the week nights if needed!

    I play on XB1, have 1200+ songs. My username is Stiper.


    Disc Score: 534 (9,459,671)
    Total Score: 31st (189,325,938)
    Gold Stars: 34th (723)
    FC: 74th (246)

    I've only recently started chasing gold stars and FC's so there's no doubt that I can bump both of those up a good amount over the next few months. Also, my disc score is admittedly a little low as I've been focusing on the exports and DLC songs.
  • Hello,

    XBL = Io LP oI

    Expert vocalist, ranked 6 for on discs songs
    own 1000+ Songs, FC 1000+
    I play on eastern time
    Feel free to add me if you play on expert! :smiley:
  • Hi, I'm getting ready for Rivals!

    PSN: Wreckemtech94
    Expert guitar:
    850+ songs
    Disc score: 9,926,904 (209th)
    All song score: 133,405,991 (30th)
    Gold stars: 505 (39th)
    Full combos: 141 (73rd)

    I can also switch to expert bass if necessary.
  • Hey Gang

    I'm on PS4 and would like to gauge interest for those in need of a pro drummer. I'll admit my song library isn't as large as many of you folks out there (~800). I tend to buy songs i find interesting on drums rather than a guaranteed pick up every week. I like the idea of rivals giving me a reason to play different songs every week rather than building random setlists most of the time.

    With that said i currently rank #19 for both gold star and FC (556 and 101 respectively with many songs yet to log on the leaderboard). It is less empirical but i'd say i rank in the top 20 for 80 percent or more of the songs i've played.

    And since i rarely post, if any of the top tier pro drummers out there are listening feel free to shoot me a PSN invite. I see you all on the leaderboards and it might be fun to keep a closer eye on the goings on among us.
  • Gamertag: Runguitarra
    Console: XBOX ONE
    Preferred instruments:
    1. Expert Pro Drums (highly preferred)
    2. Expert Vocals (Im very good at vocals if necessary)

    I have loads of DLC, however i missed out on the RB 1 and 2 cross content downloads. Would also be willing to pick up any DLC I dont have if I like the track enough.
  • Console: Xbox One
    Gamertag: Saints Razor
    Preferred Instruments: Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Drums- In that order
    Difficulty: Expert
    DLC: Somewhere around 1000, willing to buy more
    Expert Full Combos: 270 on Vocals still working back through after leaderboard wipes
    Total Score: 69,398,900

  • Console : PS4 Europe (UK)
    Gamer tag Molly-Hatchett
    Vocals only
    Expert/ brutal
    My claim to fame no 1 on brutal leaderboard for ex's& Oh's Elle King
    I have all the exports but obviously Europe doesn't have them all exported yet
    Dlc a few hundred with about 100 waiting to be available
    Looking for any crew, happy to play at any level or just add me to friends list
  • Console: PS4 (EU)
    Gamertag: Kevin_V26
    Preferred Instruments:
    1.Expert Pro Drums (highly preferred)
    2.Expert Guitar and Bass (Unlike with drums, I do not score really high on songs with a high difficulty tier)
    3. Vocals (I almost never play vocals)
    I have around 50 post-RB4 dlc. Pre-RB4 is unfortunately on my wii and i don't want to spend money buying the songs again. I do have RB3 and Blitz exports though. I am looking for a casual crew, I only play a few times a week and occassionally buy dlc. So if there are more casual players like me who are looking for a crew feel free to add me.
  • tati81tati81 Opening Act
    Hi there! Finally EU will get Rivals, so here's my info:

    Console: PS4 (EU Time Zone)
    PSN ID: GiardiniDiMarzo (my dlcquickplay page)
    Tot songs: 410 (in EU we are waiting for RB2, Green Day and LEGO. I own them, so when the time comes I can add them too)
    VOX: Expert 99,9% Gold Stars (preferred instrument)
    BASS: Expert on most songs (not on devil songs)
    GUITAR: Hard (Expert on 0-1 dots)
    DRUMS: Hard (Expert on 0-1 dots)

    On VOX
    Disc's songs Leaderboard #15 Tot. score 11.122.077

    If you are interested send me a request here or a friend request on PS4 (specifying you are a RB4 player)
  • Hi All :)

    Console: PS4 - AUSTRALIA

    PSN: georgekera99

    Expert guitarist with around 600 songs

    Total Disc Score: #22

    Gold stars on all disc songs except for miracle man, halls of Valhalla and dream genie.

    Haven't been Playingay as much lately but will DEFINITELY be playing more when Rivals comes out.

    If interested in recruiting me chuck me an add on PSN :D thanks
  • I play expert guitar, but not very well. My stats are disc: 1563500, -all songs: 13905689. I tend not to very gold star and have no FCs. I am not the best, but I am on PS4 and have all prior editions of rock band, with about 400 downloaded songs. Username is bluepoet. Send me a request.
  • murphmurph Rising Star
    GT: murph17
    700 total DLC (classic rock, thrash metal, alternative, no 2000's pop)
    exports - RB1, RB2, RB3, LRB, GDRB, ACDCRB, RBB

    looking for a casual/hard crew playing for fun, not leaderboards. I play mostly hard drums, can bump to expert for some of the easy songs, but have to bump down to medium for some of the devil tier songs as well. willing to commit to one night a week and about 5-8 songs/week for starters. I suppose I can do vocals or guitar on medium in a pinch, but it's not my strong point.
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    GT: WFJRez81
    Bass/Guitar - Expert
    Vocals - Medium/Hard
    700+ DLC (Adding songs weekly)
    Exports - RB1, RB2, RB3, ACDC

    Preferably looking for professional crew trying to top leaderboards. I play mostly guitar/bass always at expert level (though some devil tiered songs get me now and then). I can sing as well if needed. Willing to commit to 2-3 nights a week. I have a newborn here soon that'll give me some more time at home.
  • NulienNulien Opening Act

    I have a newborn here soon that'll give me some more time at home.

    I know some parents who might strongly disagree with you on that. XD
  • Casto21Casto21 Rock and Roll Statistician
    Console: XBONE
    Gamertag: Casto21
    Songs: about 1100-1200 I think.

    Play mostly expert drums as that is what I enjoy most. Right now I am 74th in overall score, 40th in gold stars (with 377) and 37th in FCs (with 99). Realize those numbers mostly represent playing a decent amount more than amazing skills since devil tiered still spanks me.
  • Xbox One, expert pro drums, expert bass, hard/expert guitar. Singing....nope.
  • Platform: Xbox One
    Instrument: Guitar
    Difficulty: Expert
    GT: OcarinaHero93

    I'm an avid Rock Band player. Been playing for 9 years. I play for both recreational and competitive purposes.
  • acondon747acondon747 Road Warrior
    Platform: PS4
    Instrument: All (Vocals mostly now)
    Difficulty: Expert (All Instruments)
    PSNid: acondon747

    1144+ DLC + all imports, can't wait to find a crew for on line play when it comes also.
  • Hey fellas, I'm still looking to join a good and dedicated Rivals crew on Xbox. I hope I'm not too late to join the party.

    I'm a pretty decent expert guitar player and currently own around 500 songs in total. RB4 is the first Rock Band I own after playing other rhythm games for many years so I've got lots of DLC catching up to do.
    I play very regularly and will have LOTS of time in the upcoming months.

    System: Xbox One
    Intruments: Expert Guitar / Bass - soon expert Drums
    Songs: ~476, library always growing
    Gamertag: Tufan

    Scores and stats:
    Currently 48th in Disc Song Score
    Currently top 300 for All Songs Score (still got some unplayed songs and obviously due to missing about 1,000 songs)
    340 "Gold stars", 76 "5 stars", 2 "4 stars" (TTFAF & OGAP)
    134 FC's (Still need to sit down and grind more)

    I hope this gives you an idea of what kind of player I am. I'm often playing and always improving.
    Send me a message here, on Xbox or on reddit (same username as here) if you believe I'm right for your crew. I'll be a very dedicated member and hope to find a spot in a crew mostly playing on expert difficulty,

    Thank you!

  • System: PS4
    Instruments: I can play guitar on expert, drums on expert (pretty much any song), I also play with my girlfriend who plays guitar and bass on expert
    Songs: 500+, lots of classic rock, 80s, and metal
    PSN ID: Molokidan

    I've been playing regularly since about RB2 era. I don't have high disc scores because I rarely play certain songs, but I can get pretty high scores on Megadeth expert drums, so there's that! :)
  • gufazigufazi Unsigned
    Old school RB. Day one guy, played them all

    PSN: gufazi
    guitar player, bass player,
    about 1000 DLC,
    not a super star but top 100 last time I checked in some stats
    dedicated to continuous improvement
  • OakTeaOakTea Road Warrior
    PS4 PSN: OakTea

    Expert Guitar (usually 5 stars)
    Expert Bass (Usually gold stars, maybe?)
    Expert Vocals (usually 4 stars so far)
    Expert Pro-Drums (usually gold stars, but can't play until Winter)

    About 1000 songs including exports (RB1-3, AC/DC, Green Day, Blitz, Lego, Country packs...), and most of the Flash sale DLC. Heavy leaning towards RB1/2 era DLC and Metal. Pixies rock.

    Commitment: Low to Medium (currently about 1 night a week, not too stoked on buying new DLC with the recent Canadian price increase)
  • Xbox GT: Seth3794

    Vocals: Expert - Main instrument. Currently #20 on Expert FCs. Still working my way through the library.

    Guitar/Bass: Expert - Can gold star most songs unless they're supremely difficult.

    Drums: Expert - Can gold star most songs unless they're extremely difficult.

    Total Song Library of 1,363. I have all of the exports and track packs (still waiting on Classic Rock). Library still growing and willing to buy whatever.

    I can lay down a pretty nice score on any instrument for the crew but I will most definitely lay down an FC for vocals. I play pretty much daily and would love to contribute! Feel free to add me too!
  • Xbox GT: Omoikane x8
    Vocals: Expert
    Drums: Mostly Hard, some Expert
    Bass: Expert
    Guitar: Hard - Expert
    DLC: 1100+ (including all game exports)
    DLCQuickplay profile @ http://dlcquickplay.com/user/omoikanex8

    Looking for a casual, mature Rivals Crew playing for fun and more Rock Band friends in general. I do like to try to improve on my own scores and submit the best score I can in competitions but I'm not trying to squeeze every last point out of a song and don't expect others to either. I prefer vocals, drums, and bass in that order but happy to play anything.
  • BuRnBuRn Unsigned
    edited October 2016

    I'm on vox expert and I've FC-ed all Rb1,2,3 songs on the RB3 platform. As for DLCs, I usually hit the top 10 on the leaderboards or not minimum top 20.

    PSN : Jonathan-Ang

    These are my rb3 stats on keldon

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